10 Simple Ways to Avoid Plastic

by Christina Cannes
  1. Invest in a Keep Kup

By ditching take-away coffee cups, you single-handidly prevent hundreds if not thousands of cups ending up in landfill each year. Myth busted, these cups cannot be recycled. According to 1 Million Women, if we all switched to reusable cups, we would divert 500 billion take-away coffee cups from landfill each year.

  1. Invest in a Re-useable Water Bottle

Did you know that you can get free water from your tap, bubblers and any place with a sink? Yep, it’s free! Why would you buy water when you can DIY your own with a handy re-useable water bottle and some good old fashioned tap water?

  1. Say No to Straws

These pointless plastic tubes end up in the bellies of sea life. For those of us with small children, remember how important it was for your baby to learn how to drink from a cup? Don’t lose that skill, practice it daily by never allowing another straw near those beautiful puckers.

  1. BYO Shopping Bags

Plastic shopping bags are for crazy people. Why wouldn’t you want to carry a re-usable tote bag that reflects your unique personality? Go find yourself a beautiful bag like this one and laugh and point at the people still using plastic (no, don’t laugh and point, just point and shake your head real slow).

  1. Take-Away Containers + Disposable Tableware

There is an easy solution for this one: dine in! Or ask the restaurant crew if they can use re-useable supplied containers. Sometimes stuffing our face on take-out from those nasty plastic or styrofoam containers while we binge on Netflix isn’t the best way to enjoy a meal.

  1. Fresh Fruit + Veg

If you find fresh fruit or veg wrapped in plastic, don’t buy it. Complain to the management and ask questions like “do you think these carrots are afraid of touching other vegetables?” Or better yet, buy from farmer’s markets or places where you know they don’t do silly, pointless, earth destroying things.

  1. Buy in Bulk

There is an awesome store near you, it’s called The Source Bulk Foods! They will help you stock up on beans, grains, cereals, nuts, honey and other staples with re-usable containers. There are stores in Noosa, Maroochydore and Caloundra.

  1. Cloth Nappies.

By using cloth nappies, you not only avoid sending poo wrapped up in plastic to your local landfill, you also save between $6,000 – $10,000 per year. If this doesn’t seem like the biggest win-win for a family, I don’t know what else is! I used the same cloth nappies for both my sons and saved piles of money and diverted thousands of nappies from the landfill. And yes, I feel good about that! Check out this local nappy library for hesitant mums and Zappy Nappy, made here on the Sunshine Coast.

  1. Zero Waste Moontime

Ladies, get yourself a menstrual cup and some period underwear. It will save you heaps of money, save the earth and get you deep and intimate with your monthly cycle. Learn to love the blood! I have period undies from Modibodi and a menstrual cup from Juju and it’s just so easy!

  1. Re-use or Recycle

Before you throw anything away, even if it can be recycled, ask yourself “how can I use this?” Jars make great pen holders, leftover containers and vases. See how creative you can get! Check out The Trashy Artisan—she gets the idea!

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