Hello, I’m Christina and I want you to live your best life!

Growing up in the US, I decided at a young age that I was not going to follow the crowd. At 27, I sold everything I owned and moved to Australia.

I spent a decade wandering Australia’s big-skied, expansive, open spaces and deserts only to discover that my most challenging and rewarding journey was inside me. And that we, along with nature, are our most powerful healers.

I founded BIG BEAUTIFUL SKY to inspire people to look up and look in. We get so focused on the minutiae of daily life that we forget how powerful and limitless we truly are – as wide-open and endless as the big, beautiful sky.

As a certified nutritionist and member of the Nutrition Council of Australia as well as a Holographic Kinetics practitioner, I have combined my knowledge and experience to develop a way to quickly and efficiently remove limiting beliefs, trauma and stuck emotions from the body and subconscious.

This method, called Belief Hacking, heals both physical and mental issues and rapidly transforms the physical, mental and emotional bodies. I combine Belief Hacking with an optimised nutrition plan for rapid transformation. 

I have also created two programs based on my own physical and emotional struggles which transform physical and mental health: UPLEVEL ACCELERAOR™ and BECOME LIMITLESS™

The UPLEVEL ACCELERAOR™ combines over five years of research and training in the fields of nutrition, Jungian psychology, holographic kinetics, kinesiology, hypnosis and neuroplasticity.

This nine-week program aligns the body, mind and spirit; clears stuck energy, emotions and trauma; and supercharges the physical body with nutrients for optimal performance and creation. Learn more about it here.

BECOME LIMITLESS™ is a program I developed specifically for people who have experienced trauma (physical and emotional) during childhood and in their relationships. As a domestic violence survivor, I created this program to fast-track healing.

If left untreated, trauma stays in the body and can manifest disease and misunderstood mental health issues. I also found that many mainstream treatments for survivors of trauma fail to fully understand the layers and full scope of what is required to integrate healing.

The focus of the program is to heal the mind-body connection, release trauma from the body and develop a relationship to self. Learn more about it here.

I am also the creator of Beauty Medicine, a collection of nature-based beauty products inspired by the pristine Australian coastlines, oceans, lakes and deserts. Each product encapsulates the healing power of Australia’s ancient land and nourishes the body, mind and spirit. 

With over fifteen years’ experience in media, marketing and innovation, and a spirit for entrepreneurship I’ve also taken my own startups from $0 to $1.3 million in three years, worked across a variety of industries including travel, media, health and wellness, festivals and events, legal, not-for-profit as well as with FORTUNE 500 and SME’s. 

I am also the author of two books: a novel, New Henley, a story about love, technology and what it means to find true freedom; and Become Limitless: Healing & Empowerment After Domestic Violence

My intent is to help people transform their lives and live their truest and greatest potential. I am so grateful and blessed to have been able to heal myself with the help of many great teachers and practitioners and I look forward to working with you and sharing my knowledge. 

Book a FREE Exploratory Session with me to find out more about my programs and offerings. I can’t wait to meet you!

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