Discover Your Passion, Purpose & Profession

The key to success is to align your skills, knowledge and experience with what lights you up and gives your life meaning.

If you’ve been searching for your calling—a way to make money and absolutely love what you do—rather than waste years of trial and error, the answers can be found using astrology.

With AstroIdentity™, an astrological success blueprint, uncover the keys to a fulfilling life and career.

I found Christina's astrological brand report to be truly insightful and deeply informative not just for my own work but also for how I see myself. The combination of her astrological observations and solid branding experience provided me with both grounded perspective and intuitive breakthroughs to align myself more fully with my personal path, vision and purpose in greater integrity. Highly recommend Christina’s innovative approach! I am so deeply grateful! Thank you Christina!!

Sandra D.

Get Clarity

The Magic of Astrology

Astrology gives you insight into who you are and why you’re here, what gifts and skills you have to share, and the best ways for you to make money, find purpose, and feel good doing it.

If you’re ready to start or are currently running your own business, you can also use astrology to develop a unique personal brand using archetypes.

It’s all right there in your natal chart!

Pluto points to your purpose & the Nodes uncover your why

MC, 2nd, 6th, 8th and 10th houses uncover clues to your money and profession

The Arabic Lots reveal your true passions and how you create luck

Your Human Design is your business operating system

I'm Christina

Before I found astrology, I spent over a decade in marketing and even co-founded a seven-figure media business. After coming to the realization that despite money and success, I wasn’t truly happy, I began to look for tools to help me shed the programming from childhood along with the trauma that was keeping me stuck.

After reprogramming my subconscious, I began to study and use astrology as a way to discover my unique skills and gifts to create my new life.

Using a unique combination of evolutionary astrology and an understanding of trauma and the subconscious mind, I help you discover your inner calling and build a life based on your unique gifts, values, desires and purpose.

I was blown away by how Christina read my chart! There was so much I didn't know or see and she gave me such wonderful insights into my career and how I could brand my business. Highly recommend Christina's report, it's one-of-a-kind!

Kate M.

Your Success Blueprint

Start living your dream

With AstroIdentity™ you will:

〉Get clarity on your true calling

Transform self-doubt, sabotage or procrastination

Resolve issues with current career

〉Find inspiration for starting or scaling your business

〉Discover follow your passion and find your purpose

〉Use the insights to brand or re-brand your business

〉Release people or places that block your evolution

〉Embody your true self and boldly forge your future

How Does it Work?

⇒ Select a date and time for your session

⇒ Please provide your birth date, time and place (city, state, country)

⇒ Fill out the questionnaire

⇒ During the session, I will share the findings of the report

⇒ A PDF and recording of the session will be emailed to you

⇒ Use the report as a lifelong career and inspirational business guide

⇒ Tap into your brand archetypes to build and grow your business

⇒ Book subsequent sessions to understand career activation transits

⇒ Use the realizations in the report to raise self-worth and self-love


After booking a session, I will refer to your natal chart (please ensure you send the correct date, time and place of birth) and questionnaire answers to develop your report.

Using your natal chart, I will identify houses, elements and aspects that provide insights into your passion, purpose and  profession.

During our Zoom session, we will discuss the findings of your report.

We go deeper into your current situation and talk about what your natal chart indicates.

Looking at your archetypes, I will also give you personal branding strategies and suggestions to use.

After years of healing, research and training, I created it because I needed it!

Using the natal chart, you can quickly identify skills, gifts and supportive career energy.

I spent years of trial and error, and after I discovered my own AstroIdentity™, all the pieces fell into place.

Just buy the report, Christina's astrological interpretation is off the charts (pun intended!). I walked away after our session feeling so inspired knowing that what I always felt but didn't act on was the direction I should be taking. Christina has saved me so much time worrying and stressing over what I should do. Hurry up and book a session!

Laim S.

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