by Christina Cannes


Reprogram limiting beliefs, clear trauma and become the empowered creator you were born to be

BECOME LIMITLESS™ clears blocks and limitations from your subconscious, calms over-active emotions, heals trauma and allows you to live without limits.

Quickly transform stuck YOU into the unstoppable YOU

BECOME LIMITLESS™ is a twelve-week EMPOWERMENT group program for anyone who has experienced physical or emotional abuse. Designed to streamline and simplify the complex task of healing trauma the program provides a safe and compassionate space for the processing of difficult experiences and emotions.

  • Have you recently left an abusive and traumatic relationship, feel exhausted and in a constant state of anxiety?
  • Do you feel drained, fatigued, hopeless and trapped in your current life no matter what you do?
  • Do you feel like you are easily triggered and have no control over your emotions?
  • Are addictions (sex, alcohol, drugs, shopping, hoarding) keeping you stuck in negative patterns and running your life?
  • Do you desperately want to create a different life for yourself but fear is stopping you?
  • You don’t know why, but do you don’t feel like you are “trapped” and can’t do what you really want to do?
  • Or perhaps you just don’t feel like “yourself” anymore and don’t know why.

By hacking limiting beliefs and clearing trauma, you’ll be better able to fully embody your authentic self and create a life that resonates on a soul level.

BECOME LIMITLESS™ will give you the tools to:

  • CLEAR anything holding you back from receiving what you DESIRE and DESERVE in life
  •  CALM emotions and identify unhealthy patterns
  • Stop over-reacting and triggering unhealthy stress responses and how to get into FLOW
  • CONSCIOUSLY create the life you’ve always dreamed was possible
  • Remove the effects of trauma from your life and live life from a place of true FREEDOM
  • Become AUTHENTIC and EMPOWERED in everything you do
  • Discover your PURPOSE and how to become ALIGNED
  • How to truly put yourself FIRST and embody who you truly are
  • Connect to other people who LOVE and SUPPORT who you are and your vision
  • Change your ENERGY in an instant to attract what you want in life

If you have recently left an abusive relationship, are feeling stuck, emotionally triggered, in a constant state of worry/stress/anxiety – or have tried “everything” to heal yourself and nothing is really worked – this program is for you.


“I created this program after five years of healing – and discovering what does and does not work – to streamline and maximise trauma and abuse recovery.”

– Christina Cannes

You deserve to be happy, healthy, powerful and abundant. If you are anything less, then you may be stuck in negative patterns, unable to resolve built up trauma or blocked by limiting beliefs.

How Does the Program Work?

BECOME LIMITLESS™ is a transformative program designed to heal mind-body-spirit, teach you how to heal trauma and connect you to a deeper sense of “self.” It works by combining optimised nutrition, emotion identification, simple muscle testing, hypnosis, neuroplasticity and techniques based on holographic kinetics and kinesiology.

Using these tools, you’ll learn how nourish your physical body, clear subconscious limiting beliefs, work with and heal feminine and masculine energies and create a life from your soul. Read more about limiting beliefs here.

What is Belief Hacking™?

In a way, we are similar to computers. Our operating system is installed between the ages of 0-14 and is made up of beliefs and experiences locked in to our subconscious. These beliefs are based on our experience of the world.

From this operating system, and those beliefs (aka our subconscious), we create our reality. While this system is meant to keep us safe in a “dangerous world” in which we must survive, like computers viruses, they can crash our system and cause us to operate incorrectly.

Oftentimes, especially after experiencing trauma, the beliefs in our subconscious function as an operating system that does not serve us but instead harms and hinders us. In order to become powerful, happy and healthy quantum creators – and create the life we were meant to live here on earth – we need to re-program our operating system by accessing, clearing and re-writing the root subconscious beliefs that inhibit our evolution. And in the process, clear trauma from our body and vibrational field/frequency that is keeping us trapped, stuck and in pain.

By hacking our subconscious using a technique I developed known as Belief Hacking™, we literally reboot our operating system to work for us rather than against us. It’s called “hacking” because we are changing the way the universe (and biology) functions and making it work for us.

By hacking our subconscious, and clearing and re-writing negative experiences and beliefs from the root, we free ourselves from constraints and step into creating our life.

We are powerful creators. And we have reached a point in our evolution where we are being asked to step up, co-create with the universe and build an amazing life for ourselves. Gone are the days of hunting and gathering to survive, gone are the days of slavery to kings and queens, gone are the days of serving institutions and religious dogma. We can see our own greatness and what is possible, and we know we are free to live as authentic, autonomous beings and create the life we came to Earth to live.

If you’re looking for a streamlined, straight-forward path to heal trauma from emotional and physical abuse, this is the program for YOU!

Book a Single Session with Christina

Christina also works with clients 1:1 who have experienced trauma, left an abusive relationship or experienced abuse as a child. She is happy to schedule a session with you at a convenient time.

All sessions are via Zoom and run for 1.5 hours. Depending on your situation, Christina will implement dietary changes, suggest bodywork, self-care or exercise and of course work through stuck trauma, energy and emotions using Belief Hacking.

To book 1:1 session with Christina, click HERE. 

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