Claim Your Power: Clearing the Solar Plexus Energy Center

by Christina Cannes

New Moons are a time of rebirth and renewal. They are the perfect time to plant seeds, set intentions and for fresh starts. 

The Aries new moon marks the beginning of the new astrological year which means for us it’s the start of a new cycle.

In the northern hemisphere it is spring – the great awakening and return of the sun from the long, cold, dark winter. In the southern hemisphere, the days are growing shorter and the night longer as we shift towards winter.  

Aries is an energetic sign which can also be forceful and outgoing.

It is a pushing energy and both headstrong and pioneering. Aries is very much the individual focused on it’s own self and what it needs. It is a powerful sign in that it generates and creates quickly and uses its power of assertion to get what it wants. 

The shadow aspects of Aries are self-centeredness and impatience. Discipline gives this sign balance. 

The Aries new moon is a great time of the year for starting something new as you will have all the energy and enthusiasm of this sign to support you. Channel the vitality of Aries to start new projects, take initiative and create opportunities you can pursue for yourself.

Solar Plexus Energy Center

Your solar plexus energy center is located above your stomach and below the heart in the center of your chest. This energy center’s mantra is “I deserve to get what I want.”

Like Aries the themes are power, individualism, will-power, discipline, boundaries (setting & holding), personality, self-esteem.

Physical body parts include the stomach, higher digestive tract, kidneys and liver.

Sexual glands & hormones include the adrenal glands (cortisol, aldosterone – fight, flight, freeze), and liver bile. 

Clearing the Solar Plexus Energy Center

In this video, I will show you how to clear this energy center so that you can stand in your individualized power and give yourself the discipline you need to accomplish your goals. 

You will need a journal and pen. Please write down anything you would like to clear, create or just any you have or goals you would like to accomplish. This will be your intention for the session. 

I will guide you through a visualization meditation and then take you through three clearing sessions related to your own personal power, individualism and finally discipline.

Please find a safe, quiet space for you to sit in meditation where you will not be disturbed. The clearing will require you to go back in time to the root cause issue so either to an event in your lifetime between the ages of 0-14 or into a past life. 

You will be identifying events, emotions and beliefs that may be blocking you from creating what you desire or stepping into your power, individuation and accessing discipline. 

You may be emotional. Please let whatever comes up come up for processing.

So let’s get started! First things first, SET YOUR INTENTIONS.

Post Meditation Action Steps

Ask yourself what you need to do to embody the changes we made today? You will receive an intuitive answer. Write it down and do it in the next 24 hours.

Going forward, please refrain from alcohol and drugs for the next 24-48 hours so these changes can integrate. Drink lots of water – ideally 3L per day – and be sure to rest and journal anything that comes up. 

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