by Christina Cannes


More money, new career, juicy love, better relationships, creative expression – whatever you want to experience in life – there is an easier way.

Do you feel stuck, trapped, frustrated?

Are you having to force and push towards your goals?

Do you feel exhausted, drained or suffer from anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress?

You’re not alone.

Are you tired of doing personal development and “healing” with little or no results?

Well what if I told you this – there is a way to dissolve all your self-imposed barriers and it’s all related to your subconscious.

Whatever feels blocked, difficult or frustrating right now – or just seems like it’s too far outside your grasp – is most likely linked to something that happened to you between the ages of 0-7 (sometimes 0-14) or even during a past life!

That event, despite however long ago, could be stopping you from doing or receiving what you want – and know you deserve – right NOW.

By bypassing the conscious mind and working directly with the subconscious, you rewire your brain and body to work with you and directly alter your reality.

You shed the old emotions, programming, reactions and thoughts that prevent you from BEING all of YOU.

And better yet – you become the creator of your amazing life.

By fully embodying your true, whole self – without the blocks, programs and stuck energy and emotions – you create the reality you truly desire.

Some of the ways blockages, sabotage and looping patterns show up in life are:

  • ⇒ You can’t seem to take your career or business to the next level no matter how hard you push or force

  • ⇒ You want to change your habits, lose weight and live a healthier life, but you keep sabotaging or stopping yourself

  • ⇒ You feel uninspired and bored with your life and can’t figure out how to bring that spark of joy and excitement in 

    ⇒ You feel drained and depleted from a work-life imbalance and know it’s time to change

  • ⇒ You are unclear on how or where to find your next opportunity and/or inspiration and feel stuck

  • ⇒ You are tired of working with, working for, or hiring the wrong people and feeling unsupported in your relationships

  • ⇒ Your relationships with friends, spouses/romantic partners and colleagues consistently present the same unhealthy patterns

  • ⇒ You can see how your patterns and unhealed aspects from childhood are showing up in your life and/or business

  • ⇒ You have a business or career idea but you are scared to take that first step

  • ⇒ You fear being fully YOU and fully seen by others and worry about what others think

  • ⇒ You feel trapped in your life or job and cannot see a way out

  • ⇒ You feel disconnected from your self and your body and feel like every day is the same


Hi, I’m Christina Cannes, a trauma-informed functional nutritionist and the creator of BELIEF HACKING™.

I help you reprogram your subconscious so you can live freely in the world without sabotage, emotional baggage, trauma, stuck energy and critical inner voices getting in the way.

I help you shed layers upon layers of societal conditioning, in-congruent programming from childhood and other belief systems that prevent you from living authentically.

I help you discover your inner calling and true self and build a life based on your unique gifts, values, desires and purpose.

I help you live comfortably in your body and discover what you need to live your best life!

Your beliefs, past experiences and emotional responses create your present and future reality.

If you want to change your outer reality, first you must change your inner reality.


BELIEF HACKING™ is a tool for anyone who feels stuck or trapped, anyone who keeps repeating negative patterns, or is using tons of force to succeed at life.

BELIEF HACKING™ helps anyone who feels drained and exhausted, suffers from depression and/or anxiety, has experienced trauma, is dealing with addiction or for those who have tried all things healing and personal development and is seeking a faster, more effective solution.

BELIEF HACKING™ works for everyone.

How does BELIEF HACKING™ work?

A BELIEF HACKING™ session runs for an hour and half via Zoom. I use a combination of hypnosis, Jungian psychology, kinesiology and holographic kinetics.

I access the root cause of any trauma, blockage or stuck energy via the subconscious and clear it from the physical body, energetic field and timetrack.

After the session, I spend about 30 minutes reading energy and receiving intuitive downloads to inform your next steps.

These next steps are usually action-oriented and extremely personalised as they are based on our session.

The clearing requires you to take action as your new habits will form new pathways in your brain and nervous system and help install new neural pathways.


What happens during a BELIEF HACKING™ session?

You will be put into a hypnotic state via Zoom.

This requires that you find a quiet spot where you can fully relax and lay down. Ensure you will not be disturbed.

You must position your phone, tablet or computer so that I can easily see your face. I will talk you through a series of visualisations to relax you and then we will begin the clearing work.

You may feel emotional during the session, but as these emotions are being cleared from your subconscious (body-mind) they will not last long.

You are in a safe space, so experiencing, expressing, and processing any and all emotions is part of the process and fully supported.

What does ‘subconscious’ mean?

Your subconscious (body-mind) is made up of your limbic system (emotions) and your reptilian brain (cerebellum) and encompasses your nervous system which connects to your entire body.

The limbic system and cerebellum are areas of the brain that control most of your body’s automatic processes such as digesting, breathing, heartbeat as well as your stimuli triggered emotional responses (amygdala).

Your subconscious is directly hardwired to your autonomic nervous system.

It is also where you store your early childhood experiences, beliefs, emotions and traumas (how you reacted to stay safe).

Developmentally, you form the foundation of your concept of “self” based on what you experienced from the ages of 0-14.

These experiences, emotions and beliefs are programmed into your subconscious where they stay until you become aware of their existence and re-program them.

They are programmed as a record of what you needed to do to survive and stay safe.

If you are consciously creating your life, you know that despite wanting to achieve a thing, it’s sometimes difficult to meet the goal.

This is because some experience from 0-14 programmed into your subconscious is running the opposing script (again, just trying to keep you safe).

Unfortunately, you can’t re-program your subconscious from a conscious state.

That’s why conscious goals – despite your effort – don’t materialise or are very difficult to achieve.

Let’s say that “I want to earn more money” is your conscious goal.

But your subconscious program (experience + belief) implanted from religion or your parents tells you that “Money is the root of all evil. Only greedy people want money.”

Because of that contradictory subconscious program, you will find it difficult to earn more money and will instead find ways to unknowingly sabotage yourself.

Your subconscious mind is stronger than your conscious mind.

The only way to overcome it, is to re-program it and align your conscious desires with subconscious programs.

By reprogramming your subconscious, you also design your nervous system to work with you.

Your body is amazing – the way it works to keep you safe and alive just needs tweaking from time-to-time to get you where you need to go.

What is trauma?

At its core, trauma is any experience – no matter how big or small – that disconnects us from our true “self.”

Also, any experience that dysregulates our emotions, thoughts, body, health or spirit is considered trauma.

Traumas program us to use protective processes to keep us safe. These processes, which are stored in our body and nervous system, do keep us safe, but they can also go into hyper-drive and prevent us from experiencing and achieving what we desire in life.

Trauma can manifest as feelings of constant states of fight-flight-freeze, anxiety, flashbacks, depression or looping (same patterns presenting in your life over and over again).

Trauma can be reprogrammed by accessing the limiting beliefs and emotions which are stored in the nervous system and accessed through the subconscious mind. Everyone has trauma and the levels and severity differ for each person.


How do I reprogram my subconscious?

Using BELIEF HACKING™, first you relax and breathe.

By slowing down your breath, you enter into a hypnotic state.

Your brain waves drop which makes it easier to access your subconscious.

In a hypnotic state, you go back to the root cause of the event from 0-14 that programmed the trauma/ nervous system response/ limiting belief.

You use the breath to clear it from your body, subconscious and nervous system.

And then rewrite or re-program it with beneficial experiences, emotions and beliefs.

Instead of “money is evil” you would reprogram your subconscious with “money brings joy and abundance into my life” or “The more money I make, the more people I can help.”

You then follow this new belief up with action and reinforcement (neuroplasticity).

And you will be tested.

And you must pass these tests before the belief can be fully re-programmed.


I created BELIEF HACKING™ after four years of research and training to quickly and easily remove trapped energy, trauma and limiting beliefs from the body and subconscious mind.

Why did I create it? Because I needed it!

After a horrific divorce I realized that I was unconsciously creating my abusive childhood through my relationships, career, friendships and even the way I was parenting my own children.

I tried all things “healing” and “personal development” for many years and nothing really worked until I learned how to access my subconscious and clear the experiences, emotions and beliefs I took on as a child.

BELIEF HACKING™ accesses the root cause of any imbalance using the body’s information system (the subconscious) to pinpoint the first age in this lifetime a traumatic or negative imprinting experience occurred.

Sometimes the root cause can also link back to other lifetimes, but usually the blockage is related to something that occurred between the ages of 0-7.

Once cleared from the physical and energetic bodies, the looping, sabotage patterns and feelings of stuckness subside and you can freely move through the former blockage into a new level of creation!

What is the result?

⇒ The blocks that were preventing you from achieving your goals are suddenly gone.

⇒ You feel freer, lighter and can accomplish what you desire with ease.

⇒ You are not looping in an endless cycle of sabotage and stuck-ness.

⇒ The emotional triggers activating your nervous system become a vague memory.

⇒ You feel more connected to yourself and can clearly see what you want to create.

⇒ There is a calm sense of peace knowing that you can create the life you truly want, and nothing can stop you.

⇒ It’s a feeling of total empowerment.

⇒ I am the creator of my life.

⇒ I can do anything I want.

⇒ I am limitless.

The subconscious can be reprogrammed to help you achieve all your goals including health/wellness, financial, career, social connection, love, family, emotional and overall life goals.

Book into today for a session with Christina. We’ll spend 90 minutes deep diving into your blocks, sabotage, and reprogram anything limiting you from receiving what you desire in life. You’ll also receive an energy download and homework to ensure the changes are locked in.

What people are saying


“Just wanna say a HUGE THANK YOU! Honestly was truly AWESOME! It really seems to make perfect sense the surprise and suddenness of the past event is why everything goes mysteriously wrong! I’m so grateful to kick this stuff off ! And really looking forward to a new path ahead.”

– Rich W.

Brit B

“I feel very blessed to have found Christina! I had become stuck after years of dealing with complex trauma and other health matters. In one session we cleared some important past issues and detrimental entities and I gained some insights into the source of some of my health complaints. Since my appointment I have felt clearer and lighter; like I am moving forward again. Her counselling and suggestions during the session were extremely helpful, as were the follow up check in and homework. Christina is genuinely caring, very professional and highly skilled, and I felt immediately confident and safe in her presence. She is very generous with her knowledge and I would highly recommend her as a practitioner to anyone wishing to heal, progress and ditch their old “stuff”.

– Brit B.


“I recently had the pleasure of doing my very first ever session with Christina a few weeks ago and I have to say that it was really special and truly eye opening. I felt very comfortable and welcome with Christina and she made the journey feel effortless. I left feeling empowered and ready for change going forward. Christina helped me start my process on my past traumas holding me back and in only a few short weeks I am noticing the difference. I have set myself goals and started a new career, I can see more clearly and feel so much healthier in myself. I feel more confident to cut out the negative energy and I love the inspiration that is starting to come over me. I will be going back again and I would highly recommend Christina. 5 Stars.”

– Olivia D.


“Wow! You are amazing! First up, you are right, I only just woke up and feel quite tired today… but yesterday was weird – even though I was around my trigger, I pretty much stayed there in complete calmness, accepting and peaceful for around 7 hours!!!! We worked all day together and there is no way I could have done that before speaking to you. So THANK you xxx 

I felt really good yesterday after the session. I think we really cleared stuff! Even the way I see my relationships with my family has changed. Thanks again, you beautiful human.”

– Lindsey C.

Chris Wands

“THANKS SO SO MUCH for all your help!! You have been spot on all of this.. our session about finding my blockages from when I was young really has helped. I totally understand that I picked up my anxiety from when I was very young (hadn’t realised that before) and getting to the root cause is the most valuable thing you can do! I also benefited HUGELY from our download session, which you got absolutely spot on by the way! To receive such an accurate download helped paint the picture of where I am right now after our session, but also the things I need to work on going forward. I’ve already seen huge improvements!

I really think you’re very gifted.. you have a range of amazing skills that don’t often come together in one person…. you are a psychic medium (highly uncommon), understand energy, understand the spiritual side of things BUT also have a highly practical level of ‘business’ ability having run businesses yourself, started a flourishing start-up and also have a decent head on your shoulders to offer impactful wisdom and knowledge based on the real world we live in. You literally have resolved my anxiety, which no one has managed to do up until now, I’m incredibly grateful. I really wish I’d found you sooner.”

– Chris W. 


“Christina took me through the Uplevel Accelerator which uncovered so many of my automatic and unconscious “personality” programs and defense mechanisms. After they were identified, we cleared them and set-up new habits and patterns. The manifestation plan helped me get really clear on what I wanted to achieve and figure out what was in the way. A week after the program I feel like a new person. I know exactly what I want and how to get it and nothing will stop me.”

– T. G.


“I was feeling stuck in life, like I was going around in circles – like a dog chasing it’s tail- and couldn’t seem to shift from that. In fact I had felt like this for a very long time. My session revealed that I had some “people pleasing” patterns and co-dependency patterns running in my life. Christina was able to bring those issues to the surface and work through them and change my perception to a positive one.

After my clearing with her and I feel more in control of my life and more grounded. Situations have arisen where I have been challenged to please others – however I don’t feel like I need to or want to. I am pleasantly surprised at how calm I feel and that I feel more in control of my life. Thank you Christina for clearing these issues and guiding me onto a clearer path of what I want. I think you are an amazing, intuitive practitioner who I would definitely continue to see again and again.”

– Jenni W.


“The Uplevel Accelerator put me on the right path for achieving a healthy lifestyle. After years of trying various diets – failing and frustrated – I found the customized food plan easy to follow, very satisfying, and quite good. Christina’s flexible approach to meeting my needs and her ability to problem solve any difficulties were welcome and effective.

Her unique energy clearing component is something extraordinary that puts her program above the rest. This part gave me clarity and understanding about myself and my motivations, a true focus on my goals, and the extra push that is helping me to stay the course.

Christina’s ability to identify my needs and then deliver a customized program that works for me is truly special. I highly recommend this program. I lost 1lb per week and feel energised, clear and strong.”

– Mona G.


“Wow Christina, it’s been a week since our session. So many shifts have happened in a short period of time, thanks to your amazing way of helping me clear my ‘stuckness’ and (really) unhelpful patterns/loops. Who knew I’d been carrying all that around since age 4! I’m SO GRATEFUL to be able to have more clarity and get back on my true path. A huge thank you. Please keep sharing your amazing gifts – SO many people will benefit. The world needs you!”

– Deidre M.