by Christina Cannes

Ready to live YOUR creative life? Start here.

Hi, I’m Christina Cannes. And welcome to Big Beautiful Sky!

I’m so excited to get to know you.

If you’re like me, you’re most likely here because you want to massively UPLEVEL your life on all fronts, embody and unleash your CREATIVE POWER and live LIMITLESSLY. Awesome!

And you’re curious to see what tips I’m going to give you.

Everything I teach, write, express comes from my own personal experience – which means many, many mistakes and many, many successes.

My goal is to help everyone on Earth fully embrace and embody who they truly are and to fully live the life they came to experience and create.

I help people free themselves from programming, sabotage, stuck-ness and trauma and create the life they truly desire.

These top hacks are what will help you find your path (if you haven’t already) and stick to it.

Remember, the secret to life is to just be YOU. Beautiful, miraculous, amazing you. That’s it. It’s simple. Let the rest GO!

Pedal to the metal. Freedom. Creation. Joy.

xo Christina

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