How Your Subconscious Affects Your Business

by Christina Cannes

Here’s a business lesson for today – what if I told you that your conscious goals of growing your business and earning more money were in direct conflict with your subconscious (body-mind) programs? 

For example, let’s say that you desperately want to scale your business from $500,000 revenue to $1M BUT that would require you to step into the spotlight a bit more and really be seen. 

It would require you to expand your client base and also hire more people to support you. It would require a higher amount of cashflow and/or possibly investment or loans. It may also require you to take a risk. 

Of course this all makes sense logically, but oftentimes what we desire on a conscious level, is not what’s happening on a subconscious level. What we think we want is actually blocked by unresolved trauma and unconscious fears. 

So even though you want to consciously scale your business – it’s your goal to –  your body does not believe it’s safe. 

This issue causes what’s known as cognitive dissonance and creates a block. You believe you can scale your business, you want to scale your business, but your body does not think it’s safe based on an experience that happened back in childhood. 

That experience has locked in certain emotions and beliefs that can prevent you from accomplishing your conscious goals. 

So let’s test this theory. Ask yourself these two questions and feel into your body. 

Does it feel open and free and expansive when you ask “It’s safe for me to embody my full power.” Or do you feel a contraction and a bit of anxiety rising up? 

Now ask yourself this question “It’s safe for me to be successful.” How does that feel? 

If you feel nothing or a numbness that can also indicate a block. 

If you can’t immediately feel the expansiveness and possibility of these statements, there could be subconscious blocks affecting you and your business. 

Get in touch and I’ll happily show you how we can clear anything holding you back from achieving what you want in life and business.

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