Emotional Regulation: The Most Important Skill you Will Ever Learn

by Christina

Emotional Intelligence = Success

Do you know how to achieve true freedom? By not reacting. By not being triggered. By not letting anything in your external environment determine how you think and feel. 

Learning how to understand, clear and control your emotions is how you master your life. 

Does this mean you should ignore your emotions? No. It means you need to learn how to manage your emotions so that when you feel yourself reacting you can quickly transform it. 

Creating the life you desire requires that you regulate and harness your emotional energy. 

Learning emotional regulation and emotional intelligence is as important as learning any other skill that is deemed one necessary for creating success in your life. 

It actually amazes me how little education we receive around emotional intelligence. 


Reactions to stimuli create a situation where suddenly your body is remembering something from the past. 

Yes, your trigger is just a subconscious memory from a past event that felt similar. 

Your body is referring back to some time in your past where you felt the same. Your body is trying to determine if you are in danger or not. If it recognises a danger, then you go into fight/flight to stay safe. 

And when you’re triggered or reacting, you are only using part of your brain. Typically, the logical, analytical prefrontal cortex (the rational decision-maker) gets turned off and instead you are basing your decisions on the emotional back-brain that can leave you regretting what you said, did and thought later on. 

The goal of life is to evolve and move forward. You are here to change and adapt and grow into your full potential. 

So in order to prevent reactions and triggers from continually pulling you back into your past experiences, you need to learn how to identify an emotional response/trigger and then use it to free yourself from the reaction. 

Once you clear the root cause of your reaction, then it no longer has power over you. 

The way to become a true creator is to be in charge of your emotions. Emotions can prevent you from being, doing and having what you truly desire in life. 

Remember, emotions are just data. They are just your body’s way of communicating with you. By using them as data to free you from past traumas is how we change the story. Instead of fearing emotions, avoiding emotions, numbing emotions or letting emotions control us, we use emotions to determine what needs to change energetically. 

Become the creator of your life. Learn how to clear and regulate your emotions. 

This is why I created my Emotional Clearing & Regulation Masterclass—to give you the tools to clear emotions that are holding you back from truly embodying your true self. 

Check it out. It’s a crazy good deal. 

Learn how to regulate and clear your emotions all at your own pace. 

Here’s how regulating and clearing your emotions improves your life:

  1. Decreases your reliance on external support i.e. addictions like alcohol, drugs, sex, binge watching. You aren’t scared of your emotions and how you feel, you know how to process them instead of numb them.
  2. Empowerment. You know how to manage your feelings. What’s more empowering than that?
  3. Creation. When you aren’t reacting, you are moving forward. When you’re triggered and reacting, you are stuck in the past.
  4. Improved Health. Reduced stress and depression and better sleep.
  5. Better Relationships. This course teaches you to take responsibility for how you feel instead of blaming others.
  6. Success. Emotionally intelligent people are more successful. It’s proven. 

What does the course teach you? 

There are three main modules. Each module contains a combination of text and video instruction. There are also downloadable PDFs containing course information.

Module 1: Understanding Emotions

⇒ What are emotions?

⇒ How do we use emotion?

⇒ What do emotions tell us?

⇒ Taming emotional triggers

⇒ Trapped emotions: How emotions are stored in our body

Module 2: Clearing Emotions

⇒ How to Muscle Test

⇒ How to Use the Emotional Clearing Chart – Part I

⇒ How to Use the Emotional Clearing Chart – Part II

Module 3: Regulating Emotions

⇒ Journaling Your Emotions and Trigger Patterns

⇒ Feeling Emotions Without Triggers

⇒ Putting it All Together

If you’re ready to take control of your life, conquer emotional intelligence and live your life as an empowered creator, then get the course here

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