by Christina Cannes
Meet Christina

Hi, I'm Christina. And I want you to live your BEST life!

I’m Christina Cannes, a trauma-informed Functional Nutritionist and Transformation Coach with a radically different approach to health.

I’m a total geek when it comes to health, wellness and innovation and a rule breaker who always asks the question WHY? I love finding simplified and improved ways to live life.

Growing up in the US, I decided at a young age I was not going to follow the crowd. I’ve always done things my way and have never shied from taking a risk, so at 27 I sold everything I owned and moved to Australia.

I spent a decade in travel media working for national magazines and as a co-founder took a start-up magazine and TV show from $0 to seven figures. After many years travelling, searching and discovering, I realised that the most difficult journey was the one through my own psyche. And that we, along with nature, are our most powerful healers.

I founded BIG BEAUTIFUL SKY after a decade of personal development, research, trial-and-error, healing my own emotional and physical wounds and training to radically improve health and wellness. This, with clear vision and determination, turned out to be the recipe for success.

By combining targeted energy clearing, re-writing limiting beliefs and optimising nutrition, I developed a one-stop-shop, stream-lined method to quickly transform physical and mental health.

My programs are for entrepreneurs, leaders and creators who want to take their performance to the next level. And also for people – who like me – experienced trauma as a child and need help healing, integrating and embodying their true self.

I also seek to inspire people to look up and look in. We get so focused on the minutiae of daily life that we forget how powerful and limitless we truly are – as wide-open and endless as the big, beautiful sky.

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I’m a quintuple Virgo with Virgo rising, Virgo sun + Gemini moon.

According to the Cosmos, if you want someone best suited to clean you up, clear you out and keep you healthy and well – I’m the one!

For most of my life I was in denial of my psychic medium abilities, but now I openly use them to inform all of my work.  I am claircognizant and clairaudient, meaning I just know things and can also hear spirits, guides and ancestors speaking to me. 

I read energy and receive downloads during sessions. This helps inform my energy clearing and nutrition plans as each client requires their own specialised treatment based on their unique energy and experiences. I can see each client’s “true self” or “full potential” which helps me inform my energetic and nutrition recommendations. 

My approach to nutrition is based solely on the individual. I follow a functional approach and only recommend foods proven to enhance DNA methylation.

All my programs are based on my own knowledge, experience and what has worked for me. I want people to heal quickly and efficiently so they can live their best life.

As a certified nutritionist and member of the Nutrition Council of Australia, as well as a Holographic Kinetics practitioner, I developed a way to quickly and efficiently remove limiting beliefs, trauma and stuck emotions from the body and subconscious I call Belief Hacking™. Belief Hacking™ heals both physical and mental issues and rapidly transforms the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

I combine Belief Hacking™ with an optimised nutrition plan for rapid transformation. Centred on this technology, I developed two programs to transform physical and mental health: the UPLEVEL ACCELERAOR™ and BECOME LIMITLESS™.

The UPLEVEL ACCELERAOR™ is a nine-week program for entrepreneurs, creators and leaders that aligns body, mind and spirit; clears stuck energy, emotions and trauma; and supercharges your physical body with nutrients for optimal performance and creation.

It  combines over five years of research and training in the fields of nutrition, Jungian psychology, holographic kinetics, kinesiology, hypnosis and neuroplasticity. Learn more about it here.

BECOME LIMITLESS™ is a program I developed specifically for people who have experienced trauma (physical and emotional) during childhood and in their relationships. As a domestic violence survivor, I created this program to fast-track healing based on my own experience of what did (and didn’t) work.

If left untreated, trauma stays in the body and can manifest disease and misunderstood mental health issues. I also found that many mainstream treatments for survivors of trauma fail to fully understand the layers and full scope of what is required to integrate healing. The focus of the program is to heal the mind-body connection, release trauma from the body and develop a relationship to self. Learn more about it here.

I am also the author of two books. 

New Henley, a story about love, technology and what it means to find true freedom; and Become Limitless: Healing & Empowerment After Domestic Violence, a manual for survivors of domestic violence who want to rapidly heal from trauma.


After making my own skincare products for a number of years, I decided to brand a few of my favourites. Beauty Medicine is a collection of nature-based beauty products inspired by the pristine Australian coastlines, oceans, lakes and deserts. Each product encapsulates the healing power of Australia’s ancient land and nourishes the body, mind and spirit.

I’ve also spent plenty of time in mainstream corporate. With over fifteen years’ experience in media, marketing and innovation, and a spirit for entrepreneurship, I’ve worked across a variety of industries including travel, media, health and wellness, festivals and events, legal, not-for-profit as well as with FORTUNE 500 and SME’s.

My passion and intent is to help people transform their lives and live their truest and greatest potential. I am so grateful and blessed to have been able to heal myself with the help of many great teachers and practitioners and I look forward to working with you and sharing my knowledge.

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What people are saying

“Just wanna say a HUGE THANK YOU! Honestly was truly AWESOME! It really seems to make perfect sense the surprise and suddenness of the past event is why everything goes mysteriously wrong! I’m so grateful to kick this stuff off ! And really looking forward to a new path ahead.”

– Rich W.

“I feel very blessed to have found Christina! I had become stuck after years of dealing with complex trauma and other health matters. In one session we cleared some important past issues and detrimental entities and I gained some insights into the source of some of my health complaints. Since my appointment I have felt clearer and lighter; like I am moving forward again. Her counselling and suggestions during the session were extremely helpful, as were the follow up check in and homework. Christina is genuinely caring, very professional and highly skilled, and I felt immediately confident and safe in her presence. She is very generous with her knowledge and I would highly recommend her as a practitioner to anyone wishing to heal, progress and ditch their old “stuff”.

– Brit B.

“I recently had the pleasure of doing my very first ever session with Christina a few weeks ago and I have to say that it was really special and truly eye opening. I felt very comfortable and welcome with Christina and she made the journey feel effortless. I left feeling empowered and ready for change going forward. Christina helped me start my process on my past traumas holding me back and in only a few short weeks I am noticing the difference. I have set myself goals and started a new career, I can see more clearly and feel so much healthier in myself. I feel more confident to cut out the negative energy and I love the inspiration that is starting to come over me. I will be going back again and I would highly recommend Christina. 5 Stars.”

– Olivia D.

“Wow! You are amazing! First up, you are right, I only just woke up and feel quite tired today… but yesterday was weird – even though I was around my trigger, I pretty much stayed there in complete calmness, accepting and peaceful for around 7 hours!!!! We worked all day together and there is no way I could have done that before speaking to you. So THANK you xxx 

I felt really good yesterday after the session. I think we really cleared stuff! Even the way I see my relationships with my family has changed. Thanks again, you beautiful human.”

– Lindsey C.

“THANKS SO SO MUCH for all your help!! You have been spot on all of this.. our session about finding my blockages from when I was young really has helped. I totally understand that I picked up my anxiety from when I was very young (hadn’t realised that before) and getting to the root cause is the most valuable thing you can do! I also benefited HUGELY from our download session, which you got absolutely spot on by the way! To receive such an accurate download helped paint the picture of where I am right now after our session, but also the things I need to work on going forward. I’ve already seen huge improvements!

I really think you’re very gifted.. you have a range of amazing skills that don’t often come together in one person…. you are a psychic medium (highly uncommon), understand energy, understand the spiritual side of things BUT also have a highly practical level of ‘business’ ability having run businesses yourself, started a flourishing start-up and also have a decent head on your shoulders to offer impactful wisdom and knowledge based on the real world we live in. You literally have resolved my anxiety, which no one has managed to do up until now, I’m incredibly grateful. I really wish I’d found you sooner.”

– Chris W. 

“Christina took me through the Uplevel Accelerator which uncovered so many of my automatic and unconscious “personality” programs and defense mechanisms. After they were identified, we cleared them and set-up new habits and patterns. The manifestation plan helped me get really clear on what I wanted to achieve and figure out what was in the way. A week after the program I feel like a new person. I know exactly what I want and how to get it and nothing will stop me.”

– T. G.

“I was feeling stuck in life, like I was going around in circles – like a dog chasing it’s tail- and couldn’t seem to shift from that. In fact I had felt like this for a very long time. My session revealed that I had some “people pleasing” patterns and co-dependency patterns running in my life. Christina was able to bring those issues to the surface and work through them and change my perception to a positive one.

After my clearing with her and I feel more in control of my life and more grounded. Situations have arisen where I have been challenged to please others – however I don’t feel like I need to or want to. I am pleasantly surprised at how calm I feel and that I feel more in control of my life. Thank you Christina for clearing these issues and guiding me onto a clearer path of what I want. I think you are an amazing, intuitive practitioner who I would definitely continue to see again and again.”

– Jenni W.

“The Uplevel Accelerator put me on the right path for achieving a healthy lifestyle. After years of trying various diets – failing and frustrated – I found the customized food plan easy to follow, very satisfying, and quite good. Christina’s flexible approach to meeting my needs and her ability to problem solve any difficulties were welcome and effective.

Her unique energy clearing component is something extraordinary that puts her program above the rest. This part gave me clarity and understanding about myself and my motivations, a true focus on my goals, and the extra push that is helping me to stay the course.

Christina’s ability to identify my needs and then deliver a customized program that works for me is truly special. I highly recommend this program. I lost 1lb per week and feel energised, clear and strong.”

– Mona G.

“Wow Christina, it’s been a week since our session. So many shifts have happened in a short period of time, thanks to your amazing way of helping me clear my ‘stuckness’ and (really) unhelpful patterns/loops. Who knew I’d been carrying all that around since age 4! I’m SO GRATEFUL to be able to have more clarity and get back on my true path. A huge thank you. Please keep sharing your amazing gifts – SO many people will benefit. The world needs you!”

– Deidre M.

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