My 11-Step Self-Care Protocol to Combat Stress, Anxiety and Depression

by Christina

Here’s some insight into how I’m staying healthy, sane and motivated during these extraordinary times. I highly recommend developing your own roadmap to stay healthy and well, and I hope you can take inspiration from mine. Make it fun, and most importantly, easy and simple.

  1. Avoid fear.

    Being scared causes stress and releases cortisol and adrenaline. Stress is the worst thing for your immune system.

    To keep my stress levels low, I turned off mainstream media. I also turned off anyone who is trying to scare me into DOING something or NOT DOING something. I do my research, look at the data, and follow my own intuition to decide each day what I need to do. I also accept that the way I feel, and the precautions I take, may change and that’s ok too. Static, rigid and extreme doesn’t work for me. Flexible, agile and evolving does. I avoid black and white and instead opt for grey and do my best to keep myself and others safe.

  2. Nutrients.

    I take a really good quality multivitamin with activated B vitamins (for stress) that also contains quality nutrients and minerals such as zinc and Vitamin D. I also supplement with the following to combat stress and keep my immune system healthy: 
    1. Magnesium. I use magnesium powder that contains a blend of different types of magnesium. 
    2. Vitamin C. I supplement with additional vitamin C, it’s ester C with bioflavonoids (800mg)
    3. Fish oil. I supplement with a high quality fish oil to help fight inflammation and maintain neurotransmitter health (to help minimuze any depression and anxiety). They contain 463mg EPA and 231mg DHA.

  3. Food.

    I follow a methylation and mental health protocol food plan. This food plan was developed and inspired by the work and research of Dr. Kara Fitzgerald and Dr. Uma Naidoo. The food plan is primarily a Mediterranean eating style guide with whole foods, plants and lean meats, and includes a set amount of daily minimums based on science and research. This food plan also requires the total removal of processed sugar, alcohol and caffeine. It’s an excellent protocol to help the body deal with stress and trauma, and it’s been proven to decrease biological age and improve mental health. There are no strange juices or fasting required. I also exclude dairy and gluten, but that is a personal choice. You can find more in my ebook here.

  4. Exercise Outside

    Because of my heightened anxiety during this time, I exercise frequently to keep myself grounded and in my body. My exercises are not strenuous. I keep my stress response and cortisol under control with gentle styles. I have a weight routine, I practice yin yoga and Pilates, as well as walking/trekking. I exercise daily for one-to-two hours per day based on how I’m feeling. I do as much as I can outdoors and in nature to keep calm and soak up that precious vitamin D.

  5. Water.

    I drink a minimum of three liters of water per day. This is non-negotiable.

  6. Sleep.

    I try to obtain a minimum of eight hours of sleep per day but up to ten hours is totally acceptable during this time. Sometimes I let myself sleep in. More rest is better than less these days.

  7. De-Stress.

    I use an app for breath work. I usually do about ten minutes, but sometimes go up to twenty. The app is called “Breathing App” by Edwin Stern and it’s free to download and very simple to use. Moby provided the music. I also practice daily Joe Dispenza meditations for up to thirty minutes to one hour.

  8. Trauma and Shadow Work.

    I undergo regular emotional clearing, trauma and shadow work. This time period is very triggering. Because of this, I use my modalities to clear any stuck or trapped emotions that come up and I am very vigilant about processing any trauma. I also dive into my shadow to see what else is preventing me from living my best life. By clearing stuck energy, emotions and trauma, it changes my body’s frequency and it brings more ease and flow into my life. You can learn how to clear and regulate your own emotions in my masterclass here.

  9. Journal.

    I do a lot of journaling. I focus on what I’m feeling and then what I’d like to create. I write lists of what I truly desire and stay focused on the future. Journaling is the best way to maintain a close relationship with myself and for me to really clear anything that’s not serving me and create a life I desire. 
  1. Money.

    I focus on sticking to my budget and savings plans. I’m also always finding ways to increase my income and expand my current businesses. Being responsible about my money brings me so much safety, stability and pleasure.

  2. Fun and Joy. 

    THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. Find time each day to laugh, play and have fun. This is VITAL. I find time to play with my kids, connect with friends and spend time doing things that bring me joy. Watching stand-up comedy on Netflix and YouTube is also a great way to unwind and remember that life really is quite funny. And we humans are hilarious. 

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