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New Moon in Leo: Crazy Sexy Cool

by Christina Cannes

New Moon in Leo Astrology — 23 July 7:45pm

A new moon marks the beginning and end of the 28-day lunar cycle. Use this energy to set intentions, make a fresh start, turn over a new leaf or begin a project. The best time to begin anything new is during the first two weeks of the lunar cycle.


New Moon + Mars + Uranus

The July new moon occurs on 23 July 2017 at 7:45pm at 0° Leo. Influenced by Mars (energy, action, sex, war) with some heat from Uranus, expect Mars to make this new moon a bit more explosive. This new moon may work your nervous system as your ability to withstand those daily annoyances won’t be as strong. The goal here is to channel this pent up frustration and anger through exercise, sex, dance or any other activity that gets your juices flowing. Opt for release instead of rash decisions and impulsive behviour. Be prepared for sudden insights that seem rebellious, but are actually refreshingly liberating (creative, crazy, cunning).

Expect eruptions from others who do not know how to channel this energy. Do not let them provoke you, simply add that to the list to release with your crazy, sexy, cool art project, interpretative dance routine, wild passion night or exercise marathon. Keep the blood pumping and the sweat dripping to avoid getting hot-headed and frustrated. As long as the work is hard, you’ll sail through this new moon. Housework and gardening are great activities as well, just make sure they are vigorous!


New Moons in Leo + Eclipse Season

Be sure to set some awesome intentions for this new moon is not one, but two new moons in Leo. The second new moon in Leo is also a solar eclipse on 22 August 2017 (which is also the most important astrological event of the year)!  Since this new moon is at 0° it is also the degree of the magician, anything is possible now as the manifesting power of your intentions are extremely strong—be careful what you wish for! Buckle up for a booming eclipse season kicking off with the full moon on 8 August 2017.  August is going to be off the charts!

Energetically, the new moon is a time of darkness, low ebb, rest and reflection. Take this time to go within, re-set and prepare for the new lunar cycle.

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Image Tracy Oliver

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