To create a world where everyone is healthy, free and supported to be themselves and is able to be, do and have what they authentically desire.


To ensure that everyone has what we deem “inherent human rights” regarding mental, physical and spiritual health.


Our definitions of Inherent human rights are as follows:

Health is an inherent human right.

All people DESERVE:

  1. Physical Health (ability and access to healthy foods, natural environments and gyms/sports)
  2. Social Health (strong communities, friendships and relationships)
  3. Mental Health (access to counselling, support and help processing difficult emotions)
  4. Financial Health (access to earn money, stable jobs, financial counselling)
  5. Emotional health (education supporting self-esteem, self-worth and emotional well-being)
  6. Spiritual health (freedom and ability to practice spirituality and religion)

Healthcare is an inherent human right.

All people DESERVE quality healthcare free of charge. Women must be able to have absolute control over their reproductive health.

Healthy food, running water, electricity, internet, education, shelter and physical safety – which all contribute to health – should be provided to all people freely as they are inherent human rights.

We also believe people should be free to use drugs and/or other substances without restriction and control.

Freedom is an inherent human right.

We believe that all people deserve total freedom to express their unique individualism as long as it does not affect others detrimentally. We should have total freedom to be 100% ourselves. This includes freedom of speech, identity and sexual orientation.

Freedom of information and knowledge is also an inherent human right.

Education is an inherent human right.

All people deserve access to education and all the resources they need to educate themselves. Education should be focused on serving the individual – highlighting strengths and gifts – and encouraging innovation and creativity.

This also includes education in consciousness and human evolution and development.

Creativity is an inherent human right.

As human beings, we are natural creators. When this creative power gets turned off or stuck, we can experience feelings of worthlessness and depression. All people deserve the opportunity to express themselves creatively and bring their inspiration into full bloom.

Art and innovation should be fostered and encouraged.

Connection is an inherent human right.

All people deserve to belong to a family or community. As humans, we need each other and healthy human relationships (platonic and sexual) should be encouraged and fostered.

Spirituality and religion are inherent human rights.

All people deserve to practice and believe whatever gives their life meaning, depth and connection.

Safety is an inherent human right.

Guns, weapons and all forms of violence need to be eradicated from Earth. We have no need for this way of living anymore. If inherent human rights are met, people won’t need to have power and control over – and harm – other people.

Sex is an inherent human right.

Consensual sex (between people deemed adults) is required for our health and well-being. Prostitution should be legal and all shame and guilt removed from this occupation.

Sex that harms or demeans others must be eradicated.

Equality is an inherent human right

Everyone deserves to be treated equally regardless of sex, gender, skin colour, religion, belief or other “categorisation.” We are all unique and special and should be honoured accordingly. All people deserve opportunities to evolve and grow.

A clean environment is an inherent human right.

Ensuring that we develop technology that can further our evolution while at the same time causing no harm to plants, animals, water, air or any other living thing – is an inherent human right. We must end pollution and learn to live in total balance with the natural environment.


We actively guide, teach, and assist people in living their best lives and reaching their full potential.

Our intent is to empower individuals to take control of their health and healing, foster the evolution of human consciousness, improve quality of life, end suffering, inspire hope and encourage creativity and innovation.

All our programs —and everything we teach —are intended to support empowerment and personal sovereignty.

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