PODCAST: Hypnosis & Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind

by Christina

I spoke with Lauren Grace from The Afterlight Podcast on all things hypnosis and subconscious reprogramming. We discussed the power of your subconscious mind, what kind of information it holds, and the best time to access it. We also explored the importance of reprogramming the subconscious mind, why it’s necessary, and how hypnotherapy works in harmony with it.

Tune in here to hear the entire episode.

The way I use hypnosis is very different from traditional or mainstream.

I use hypnosis to access the root cause issue affecting you. Then, we clear that issue and reprogram that issue in the subconscious to create more ease in life.

I use hypnosis to treat trauma and help people achieve their goals faster and easier.

I also use hypnosis to help you develop a healthier relationship with your body.

The reason I do this is because you created limiting beliefs during a traumatic event. To reprogram your subconscious, you need to be in the lower brain wave state to access the part of your brain that stores these memories. By being in a lower frequency brain wave state, hypnosis makes it easier to retrieve the root cause issue, clear and re-write it.

What are Brain Waves?

To understand hypnosis, you need to understand the brain and brain waves. Depending on what we are doing, our brains produce a specific state. This state is dictated by our brain waves. Brain waves can be classified into these five categories:

GAMMA: Intense concentration and learning
BETA: Problem-solving & engaging
ALPHA: Relaxing & recharging
THETA: Dreaming, “auto-pilot” states, learning
DELTA: Deep, dreamless sleep

For hypnosis, you want to be in a theta state.

Brain Development, Limiting Beliefs & Trauma

Our limbic system is the part of the brain that develops first in the womb. When we are children, this is also the part of the brain we use the most.

This is why so much of our trauma or limiting beliefs are linked back to childhood. It’s also why children are so creative and able to access past lives and have stronger psychic abilities. We can access this “back brain” where our creativity and intuition live and operate from a much lower brainwave frequency.

And then once we hit 7, our prefrontal cortex begins to be used and we start working on logic and analysis and our personalities and identities are created. This can also be referred to as “consciousness” and it’s when we develop a sense of identity. It’s why we’re so different from all other species and also why scientists can’t explain how we developed to be the species we are today.

If you look at the archaeological record, our brain development changed quite rapidly over 50,000 years, whereas other species haven’t changed so much. Originally scientists thought that this was strictly due to our prefrontal cortex, but this is no longer the case. What they’ve determined is that our connection between the two parts of our brain and how they communicate with each other is what’s allowed us to rapidly evolve our consciousness.

So what hypnosis does is access the back brain, specifically the limbic system.

The limbic system functions to facilitate memory storage and retrieval, establish emotional states and link the conscious, intellectual functions of the cerebral cortex with the unconscious, autonomic functions of the brain stem.

The limbic system is composed of four main parts: the hypothalamus, the amygdala, the thalamus, and the hippocampus.

The Amygdala

Small almond-shaped structure; there is one located in each of the left and right temporal lobes. Known as the emotional center of the brain, the amygdala is involved in evaluating the emotional valence of situations (e.g., happy, sad, scary). It helps the brain recognize potential threats and helps prepare the body for fight-or-flight reactions by increasing heart and breathing rates. The amygdala is also responsible for learning based on reward or punishment.

The Hippocampus

Found deep in the temporal lobe, and is shaped like a seahorse. It consists of two horns curving back from the amygdala. Psychologists and neuroscientists dispute the precise role of the hippocampus, but generally agree that it plays an essential role in the formation of new memories about past experiences.

The Thalamus and Hypothalamus

Both are associated with changes in emotional reactivity. The thalamus (sensory “way-station” for the rest of the brain) is primarily important due to its connections with other limbic-system structures. The hypothalamus is a small part of the brain located just below the thalamus on both sides of the third ventricle. Lesions of the hypothalamus interfere with several unconscious functions (such as respiration and metabolism) and some so-called motivated behaviors like sexuality, combativeness, and hunger. The lateral parts of the hypothalamus seem to be involved with pleasure and rage, while the medial part is linked to aversion, displeasure, and a tendency for uncontrollable and loud laughter.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis works by lowering the brain waves, turning down the prefrontal cortex (analysis, consciousness) and accessing the limbic system to retrieve experiences that caused trauma and limiting beliefs. These experiences are interpreted by the brain as “fears” and trigger fight/flight responses which can show up as addictions, triggers or blocks.

This is why we can access past lives through hypnosis and meditation – by slowing down our brain waves, we open the door to our subconscious. Our subconscious mind acts as a wormhole through which we can navigate through other dimensions.

Scientists have even proven that our brain can access up to 11 dimensions. The Akashic records, the database of all our experiences past, present and future, exists in the 8/9th dimension. This is why in hypnosis or meditation we can access this information.

And because as a child, your brain waves were slower and most kids are operating from this limbic system, the experiences, thoughts, beliefs and emotions get locked into the body-mind. By going back in time to the root cause, you can clear those experiences and replace them with new experiences.

Reprogramming Your Primary Caregivers

One of the ways hypnosis can uplevel your life is by using it to reprogram your inner mother and inner father. Your primary caregivers form the foundation for not only your relationship with your “self”, but also your relationships with every other person you meet.

So if you’re struggling with a sense of self or maintaining healthy relationships, this is a great place to start.

To reprogram the mother/father I clear the old experience of the relationship and then while in a hypnotic state, create the new mother/father.

Your relationship with your parents informs so much of your subconscious. As children, we are absorbing our parents, their trauma, their beliefs, their energy and imprinting it. We are also unknowingly and automatically downloading their unconscious into our own.

You can see your parents play out in our relationships.

The mother informs the person’s feminine energy and how we mother as women and partner/partner with.

The father informs the person’s masculine energy and how we father and partner/partner with.

For example, if you’re a woman, how you mother your own children will be influenced by your mother And who you partner with will be influenced by your father (or whoever was the dominant personality in the home).

The best part about this work is that when you reprogram the mother and father, you stop being triggered by your own family. Your biological mother is no longer your mother—she was just someone who gave birth to you. By programming a mother that can nurture you and meet your needs, it gives you a strong inner mother on which to rely and feel supported.

Same with the father.

To experience trauma-informed hypnosis for yourself, book a Belief Hacking session here.

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