PODCAST: Life as a Psychic Medium

by Christina Cannes

I had the pleasure of joining John Burke on his podcast Closer to Venus.

John has been investing all things metaphysical including past lives, reincarnation, astral travel, ascension, mediumship, consciousness science, the quantum realm, angels, spirit guides, shamanism, ancient civilizations, star beings, or just about anything that Edgar Cayce wrote about.

In this episode, I outed myself for having psychic mediumship abilities and discussed how I discovered this, how I use my abilities to help my clients, and some practical things you need to know about the spirit world.

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Here is an overview of the interview:

  • I was able to see spirits from a very young age and was able to discern safe from unsafe spirits
  • I discovered when I used to play “dress up” when I was a child, I was playing out my past lives
  • Issues are sometimes related to a trauma, or karma from a past life
  • Most of the issues in ages up to seven are related to a past life
  • I witnessed the spirits of Confederate soldiers who did not realize that they were dead while walking through the woods as a child
  • The difference between spirits with intelligence and “residual energy”
  •  A spirit seen in a restored Civil War era home by several people was verified as the homeowner during that period
  • Intuitives can help people with their business
  • How I access information in a different way than a medium
  • Spirits/ entities can be deceiving, and tell you what you want to hear
  • Getting information from spirit guides is safer than speaking directly to spirits when working with clients
  • The dangers of inviting an entity, otherwise known as entrapment
  • The more trauma you heal, the more psychic you become
  • I had a past life with her mom
  • Time is what is used here on Earth to create the dimension that we’re in with the laws that we’ve agreed on
  • You don’t always get the parents you want, but you get the parents you need
  • Our loved ones who have passed on are still connected to us

Have a listen and let me know what you think!

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