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BELIEF HACKING™ Single Session



Once you purchase a session, you will be guided to a booking system to choose a date and time on the calendar. A Zoom link will also be sent to you.

During this two-hour BELIEF HACKING™ single session, we’ll:

  • identify your triggers and resistance patterns
  • hack your subconscious and clear the blocks holding you back
  • clear any trauma trapping and affecting you
  • receive downloads from deceased ancestors and spirit guides
  • create an embodiment plan to lock in new subconscious beliefs
  • includes homework and an action steps

By hacking limiting beliefs and clearing trauma, you’ll be better able to access your true self and create a life that resonates from a soul level. All sessions are conducted via Zoom.

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BELIEF HACKING™ removes trapped energy, trauma and limiting beliefs from the body and subconscious mind.

BELIEF HACKING™ accesses the root cause of any imbalance using the body’s information system (the subconscious) to pinpoint the first age in this lifetime a traumatic or negative imprinting experience occurred.

The root cause can also link back to other lifetimes, but usually the blockage is related to something that occurred between the ages of 0-7.

Once cleared from the physical and energetic bodies, the looping, sabotage patterns and feelings of stuckness subside and you can freely move through the former blockage into a new level of creation.

BELIEF HACKING™ works by combining emotion identification, simple muscle testing, hypnosis and techniques based on hypnosis, holographic kinetics and kinesiology. Using these tools, you’ll clear subconscious beliefs that are sabotaging you and holding you back.

By reprogramming your subconscious and clearing trauma you become the creator you were born to be.

Christina Cannes, is a trauma-informed functional nutritionist and creator of Belief Hacking™.

She is claircognizant and clairaudient, reads energy and receives downloads during sessions. This helps inform each energy clearing and nutrition plan as each client requires their own specialised treatment based on their unique energy and experiences.


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