Re-Parenting Your Inner Child

by Christina

I was inspired to share this with you after a deep meditation.

In my meditation I was shown that being a parent is a sacred gift. You are chosen as a mother or father to nurture and guide your children into their full bloom. Your only “job” as parents is to foster your children’s souls.

As parents, one of your main priorities is to help your little soul children discover their uniqueness and gifts. As souls we all have gifts to share and experiences to explore which serve to evolve our consciousness. As a parent, you simply need to allow your children to embody who they truly are and experience life on their terms.

Love is allowing your children to be fully themselves. Love is allowing yourself to be fully yourself.

Unfortunately, you may not have had parents who helped you embody your full self.

Parents and parenting is not perfect.

Many of our parents were and are still traumatized. Often, that trauma has come from their parents, therefore, a lot of us are dealing with long lines of inherited family trauma. Because of this trauma, sometimes no one in the family was able to blossom as a soul.

Due to your inherited genetic trauma, your purpose as a parent then becomes two-fold: to heal the passed down trauma and unhealthy familial patterns in yourself, as well as, raise children who do not become victims of your generational issues.

A primary example of inherited trauma is the negative inner voice/critic.

If you listen carefully, you will notice that these voices that stop you from being you often sound like your parents. Pay attention to the narrative in your mind. Your thoughts and beliefs may not even be your own, but rather just inherited. 

Children internalize their fathers and mothers. Parents, if unhealthy, become not only the negative and sabotaging voices in your head, but also serve as imprints of your masculine and feminine energy.

Energetically you have an inner child – that beautiful, pure soul you were before the world traumatized you – alongside your inner mother and father. To heal your inner father and mother, you have to work with your masculine and feminine energy and process the trauma associated with childhood.

If you don’t heal your inner father and mother and process your trauma, then this faulty internalization guides you. We re-create our childhoods unconsciously and unless we reprogram our internalized world, our outer reality reflects our inner past experiences.

If we had traumatized parents, then this internalized “programming” is faulty and needs to be healed. It’s not nurturing and supporting us. 

To heal, you need to treat yourself and parent yourself like you would treat a beautiful baby soul that you just absolutely love and adore. You need to act and believe that you are the most beautiful little soul and that you deserve to be loved and cared for in ways that allow you to express your unique soul gifts. Don’t just give all of you to your children – give as much to yourself.

For example, if you were a loving parent caring for a beautiful baby soul, would you give your soul baby horrible junk food filled with sugar? Or would you feel your beautiful baby soul fresh, organic natural food? 

Would you let your baby soul watch scary movies and expose them to music that demeans women and encourages violence? 

Would you let your baby soul stay inside and never go out to run and play?

If you said yes to any of these things, I hope you’re kidding! 

But no, you would feed your beautiful baby soul healthy food, bring your baby soul out to play with lovely friends and protect your baby soul from the harshness of the world. That is what you would do if you truly loved your baby soul! 

So treat yourself like you would treat your beautiful baby soul. Parent yourself in a way that allows you to feel loved, supported, nurtured and appreciated for who you truly are. 

If you need help healing your inner father and mother, please get in touch. I can help you with this process. 

In the meantime, here’s a few tips about how to start re-parenting yourself:

  1. Take stock of your inner dialogue. Assign the inner critic voices to the parent/teacher/person they belong to.
  2. Write down everything you know, think and feel about your parents or whomever raised you. How did they parent you? How did you feel as a child? What was their trauma? How did they try to control you or encourage certain behaviours? How is their “parenting” showing up in your life today?
  3. Now write down what you believe to be the most perfect parenting experience. It can be with your parents or you can create parents who you believe would have given you everything you needed as a child.
  4. Live your life as if these ideal parents had raised you. What does that look like? How does that change you? 

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