Ride the Lightning: Harnessing the Explosive Astrology of February 2024

by Christina

The lightning this month isn’t from your standard thunderstorm—it’s the lightning from a long-dormant volcano ripe and erupting. Flashes of inspiration coupled with explosive urges and impulses buried deep inside your subconscious are about to be released. Are you ready? Time to shed your skin!

February blasts off with all planets direct. Mercury, Mars and Venus all enter Aquarius and conjunct Pluto, square Jupiter and then square Uranus. February is ELECTRIC as the inner planets go through a Plutonic rite of passage. They are then kicked by Jupiter and zapped by Uranus.

On the 9th or 10th of February, depending on where you live, the Aquarius new moon squares Uranus, the planet of rebellion and shocking insights to shift you out of your old life and into a new timeline.

If you’re not ready to let go of anything old and outdated, don’t worry; February is doing that for you. It’s a hardcore reboot. The old hardware is being ditched to run software at a new frequency.

Watch out for Valentine’s Day when Mars and Pluto meet. War, fights, violence, anger, frustration…your box of chocolates might explode. Maybe it’s time to explore that hidden BDSM desire.

Then Mars and Venus conjunct, oozing a ten on the “so what are you into…” strange scale. I would get off the dating apps in February unless you want one of those “you won’t believe who I met…” stories to tell your nearest and dearest. Channel this explosive sexual charge into something creative—your business, art, and lifestyle. Be selfish with it. How can you use it to unleash your own personal psychosexual creativity into something meaningful that will pay dividends?

What will this month’s energy create? It’s certainly high voltage, with extreme fluctuations and piles of sexual undertones beating away at the fabric of reality. February will be a good opportunity to judge how this new Aquarian energy feels and whether or not we can handle it. Ground yourself if you are sensitive to frequencies.

It feels like a preview into what Jupiter conjunct Uranus will offer up later in the year. We’re also dropping into the eclipse portal, with the first one kicking off on March 25 at 5’7 Libra. You’ll start to feel the eclipse energy directly after the full moon in Virgo at 5’22, if not sooner.

The full moon asks you to consider how you serve yourself and how this contributes to the collective. Maybe it’s time to go higher. Regardless, it’s time to break free of the old you, the old patterns, the old beliefs, the old friends and anything that no longer supports the future you’re being blasted into.

As the rumbles of war grow louder, how will you respond? Don’t follow the group. Don’t listen to the talking heads. Chart your own course. When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

Key Dates February – March 2024

February 5 Mercury enters Aquarius & conjuncts Pluto
February 8 Sun squares Uranus
February 9 New Moon in Aquarius 20’41 squares Uranus
February 10 Mercury squares Jupiter
February 13-15 Mars enters Aquarius and conjuncts Pluto
February 16-17 Venus enters Aquarius, Conjuncts Pluto, and Mercury squares Uranus
February 18 Sun enters Pisces
February 20-23 Venus conjuncts Mars in Aquarius
February 23 Mercury enters Pisces
February 24 Full moon in Virgo at 5’22 & Venus squares Jupiter
February 28 Sun conjuncts Mercury
February 27-29 Sun conjuncts Saturn, and Mars squares Jupiter
March 3 Venus squares Uranus
March 8 Mercury conjuncts Neptune
March 10 New Moon in Pisces 20’16 degrees and Mars square Uranus

How does this affect your subconscious?

>> You will be shown what you must let go of to be free. Are you ready to release it? If not, it will be pried from your hands.

>> Your nervous system might feel overstimulated. The energy is electric. Practice calming meditation, yoga nidra and grounding—literally sit on the ground and breathe. Breathwork or anything to calm your nervous system is recommended.

>> Avoid stimulants like caffeine, and ensure you eat nourishing, whole foods.

>> Go slow. Feel whatever is coming up.

>> Develop a plan. Write down your goals. Get ready to move forward at a rapid speed.

Ready to break free from the programming, blocks or trauma keeping you stuck? Start here.

How to Work With This Energy:

Where is Aquarius in your chart?

What house and what planets are in Aquarius?

What aspects are the transiting planets making to any other planets?

Where is the new moon & full moon in your chart?

How does this astrology affect you? Planets/House/Aspects?

What are you ready to let go of? Where in your life do you need to break free? Can you hear freedom calling for you? What are you going to do to attain it?

Looking forward to March, plot how the eclipse will hit your chart at 5’7 degrees Libra. How will this affect your chart?

If you’re feeling overstimulated, triggered or ready to let go of old energy, beliefs and emotions, book in for a Belief Hacking™ session here.

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