Set Me Free: Full Moon in Taurus

by Christina Cannes

Once upon a time I thought
You’d come swinging out of the darkness
Take away everything sad and confronting to me
With your blazing love
With your blazing love
But no can kiss the life back into me
And if I’m a frog
I sincerely doubt that your kiss could set me free
Set me free, set me free…
Come to my rescue, I’m waiting, I’m waiting for you to come…
Rescue, Mama Kin

The full moon on Tuesday November 12, 2019 at 19° Taurus tolls the bell – with the new decade fast approaching, this new moon will catapult us into the next decade. Sing your intentions for 2020 far and wide. With Saturn sextile Neptune, a positive aspect to Pluto, and Mars sextile Jupiter, it’s a moon full of opposites and good vibes – and we need it.

Taurus, ruled by Venus, is an earth sign keen on all things love, money, luxury and beauty. With structured Saturn sextile dreamy Neptune, this full moon asks us to focus on making everything we’ve ever wanted come true – especially in regards to love and money. The universe wants us to be abundant and with this moon, we’re getting an extra jolt of energy to bring real wealth into all areas of our life.

But with Pluto in tow, it’s also asking us to go deep. Dig down and scrape the bottom. And to let go of any silly ideas around love and money that was programmed into you by Disney movies. The prince might come along, but his job isn’t to rescue you. That’s your job. We’re our own saviours and by creating our own dreams, we are the stuff that fairy tales are made. With Mars sextile Jupiter, it’s a welcomed bump of testosterone to get our fight on. We’ve got this.

Full moons are the ultimate time to let go and release. Clear your space, scrub your home, unfriend and unfollow, purge everything from your life that doesn’t serve your or your larger mission. The best way to work with the full moon is to use it as a tool to unblock anything preventing your new moon manifestations from coming into your life. The energy is most potent three days prior increasing in the 24 hours leading up to the moon.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury went retrograde on October 31 and continues to move backwards until 20 November. During retrogrades – Mercury, the messenger planet – tends to make communication a tricky business. But it’s also a great time to review, revise, reset and greet friends from the past with open arms. Sometimes we have to go backwards to go forwards and this is the time to do it. Combined with the watery depths of Scorpio season, the first week of November was an intense bout of soul mining. Whatever we were not consciously aware of was made abundantly clear and we were forced to deal with it. Now that we’ve processed it, this full moons says time to let it go.

For me, 2019 has been a year of levelling up with major energetic preparation for the cosmic tsunami of 2020. Almost everything from 2018 is gone – friends, habits, jobs, contacts, mindsets, beliefs – it’s time for new territory on all fronts. Speaking of love and money, I’ve created two new businesses and have been happily single for the past year deciding that I’m not going to settle for just any old relationship – only the best. Full steam ahead.

Ebb and Flow

In conclusion, this full moon is all about worth – what is our soul worth? Everything. With Taurus and Scorpio – two polar opposites – plus Pluto, Mars + Jupiter and Saturn + Neptune it’s also all about polarity. Scorpio, watery rebirth combined with Taurus, earthly pleasure pinging off agro, expanded Mars and dreamy, Neptune-infused Saturn tells us that life is all about duality. To have love, we have to have hate. To have life we have to have death. Learn to dance on the water, swim in the sky and ride the tension that is our existence. And don’t forget that living fully and completely no matter how it all pans out is the only way to do it well.

Repeat after me, I am worthy and I openly receive everything the universe has to offer. It’s my divine right.

Full Moon November 2019 Times and Dates

  •  Los Angeles – November 12, 5:34 am
  • New York – November 12, 8:34 am
  • London – November 12, 1:34 pm
  • Delhi – November 12, 7:04 pm
  • Sydney – November 13, 0:34 am

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