The Technological Difference Between Spirit and Soul

by Christina

I think it’s time we started seeing ourselves as technology. In fact, we are the most sophisticated, most amazing technology that will ever be created. So let’s honor that. 

We are still trying to figure out how we work, but I think the closest example to understanding our mechanics is through the creation of robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Through these technologies, we are playing “God,” but also trying to understand ourselves. 

But the one thing these technologies overlook is our spirituality. So let’s explore the difference between something uniquely human: spirit and soul. 

What’s the Difference? 

People often use the words “spirit” and “soul” interchangeably as if they are the same thing. Let’s clarify this once and for all—they are not the same thing, but they work together. 

Spirit and soul are two pieces of the energetic technology that create the vehicle you use to experience reality. Soul is the technology of the body and spirit is the technology of consciousness.

The soul is anchored to your body and is best defined as your beingness. You are your soul. Your soul is what makes you, you in this lifetime. Your soul is anchored to your body and doesn’t really manifest until you leave your mother’s womb and take your first breath (hence your natal chart in astrology and its direct link to the map of your soul). 

The soul is the feminine aspect of our energetic equation. 

Inside the womb, your heartbeat is kick-started by your spirit, the breath of life. Spirit is the masculine energy, it drives, it rises, it witnesses every single moment of your life. Spirit connects your soul in this lifetime to all the souls of every single lifetime you’ve ever lived. 

Spirit spans across lifetimes, reincarnating, not soul. Your soul is bound to each lifetime one by one. Spirit is universal. 

Understanding Your Soul

Your soul possesses unique gifts and abilities, and the intent of your soul is to gain experience and evolve and then feed this data to your spirit. Your soul knows and understands your life blueprint—the plans and contracts you made before you incarnated as it is fed this information from your spirit. 

The soul is your being. You embody your soul. Your soul is passive and receptive, as it is similar to feminine energy. 

Knowing your values is a good way to develop a deeper relationship with your soul. Your soul yearns for, and responds to, your specific wants and desires and will often guide you toward what is in your best interest. Living in “alignment” often means living in accordance with your soul’s core values so that you can experience what you intended. 

Take note of what makes you special. Each one of us has certain abilities that differentiate us from one another. Understanding your talents and gifts will give you insight into your soul essence and how it is meant to share its energy here on Earth. 

Another difference is animals versus say a tree. Animals have a soul and spirit, but a tree only has a spirit. A soul is part of the hierarchy of evolution. The higher you are in the octaves of evolution, the more elevated your consciousness. A human soul is a gift as your spirit has travelled from the bottom of the order to the top and is now experiencing life as an embodied spirit and soul. What a reward! Celebrate it every day. You’ve earned it. 

Following Your Spirit

Your spirit is the active member of the team. Spirit is the spark of life, and it connects your soul to your body via a thin string (many psychics can see this connection). 

Spirit is very much the masculine energy as it is action-oriented. Shamans command and work with spirit to heal the soul. Spirit connects us to everything in the universe. Everything in the universe is connected by spirit and, therefore, also possesses a spirit.

Spirit enters the fetus, and with the DNA from the mother and father, creates the soul. Soul is a manifestation of spirit and biology-based solely in a singular lifetime.

A very big mistake that many people make is the belief that the soul travels with us through each lifetime. This is incorrect. Each soul is anchored to each lifetime and is connected to the biology of the body. It is spirit that is the constant, giving life to each soul and recording the events of every single soul in each lifetime. Our lifetimes are connected via spirit. Spirit is the tie that binds. 

When the body dies, the soul dies and the spiritual essence returns to source. 

We have many souls living all at once (since there is no linear time) all connected to each other via our spirit. We can ask our spirit to make changes to our reality because it is in charge of creating our reality. Our spirit is what co-creates our life. We simply have to tell it what we desire. 

Since spirit imprints and records everything that happens during all of our lifetimes, we can access these records like accessing data on the cloud. Soul only stores data from one lifetime at a time. The soul does not reincarnate, spirit does. This data is what people refer to as the Akashic records. 

The seat of the soul is the heart. The heart is also where spirit connects to the physical body. Spirit courses through our blood giving us life. Spirit activates our DNA giving us genetic gifts. Spirit animates our body and illuminates our soul. Spirit is life. 

We have the energy of the creator or “God” inside us, God simply being our creativity. Our spirit is a piece of “God” in the sense that it is the creator. We are all pieces of the creator here in physical form to learn how to create. Using our spirit, we create our reality. 

Think of it this way: you are a computer network. Your spirit guides you and connects you to your soul in a similar way to how the internet connects to individual computers.

Like Siri, you can ask spirit questions and you can tell spirit to make changes to your energy and physical body. Spirit will listen. 

Be careful what you ask for and always have good intentions. What you create will be created for you to experience as well. The universe is in a constant state of seeking balance. 

6 Ways to Connect to Your Soul

To understand your unique soul energy, tune in to who you are. Connect to your soul by connecting to your core essence. Being still, meditating, and paying attention to what you love and who brings you joy allows you to connect to deeper parts of your soul.

  1. What brings you joy? Make a list and then do these things if not every single day, at least once a week. Joy is crucial for soul health.
  2. Embodied meditation. As soon as you close your eyes, drop your energy into your heart chakra. Your soul is directly connected to your heart, so feel into this energy. It will always guide you. Heed the saying “follow your heart.” Meditate by focusing all your energy on your physical body and keeping it there for at least 20 minutes of healing.
  3. Take care of your physical body. Eat nourishing, nutrient-dense whole foods, drink copious amounts of filtered water, sleep at least eight hours each night and exercise every day. Caring for your body is caring for your soul.
  4. Feed your soul. What do you love? What lights you up? What makes you feel connected? Make a list of the things that really resonate with you on a deeper level and be sure to find ways to work them into your daily or weekly routine.
  5. Love. Pull in your family and friends for cuddles and snuggles. Do a good deed and offer a helping hand. Anything you can do to release oxytocin through generosity, gratitude or kindness will connect you to your soul.
  6. Play. Take some time out to have a little child-like fun. Go roller skating, draw a sunset, build a lego castle, jump on a trampoline. Find ways to bring out your inner child and discover delight in the small things life offers us daily. 

6 Ways to Connect to Your Spirit

Spirit is the driving force, the action in motion, the doing team member. Spirit often speaks to you through inspiration, desires and motivations. What do you aspire to become or experience? What journey are you willing to take to find what you truly desire? These are the questions that bring you closer to spirit. 

  1. Climb a mountain. Spirit is the journey AND the destination. When you’re trudging and climbing a mountain peak, the driving force behind you is spirit. Spirit pushes you to the top despite the difficulties. And once you make it to the top, take in the glory of your achievement and let your spirit fly on the breeze beside you. It is the eagle in the wind.
  2. Breathe. Spirit is connected to our breath. We can use spirit to calm and center ourselves very easily through breathwork or just deep, controlled breathing. You can also use your breath to clear stuck emotions and make changes to your physical and energetic bodies. Announce what you want to change and then inhale and exhale. The change has been done.
  3. Listen to music with big crescendos. Spirit lives on the peak, whereas the soul resides in the valley. Soul music is exactly that – relaxing, deep, low. Spiritual music is high energy that builds and builds until it reaches the edge and explodes. Spirit is that fantastical explosion of glory.
  4. Do what you want to do. As the active component, spirit yearns to do, go, explore, see, learn and experience. Make a list of all the things you want to do—even the craziest, most far-fetched and then put a plan in place to make them happen.
  5. Focus on the horizon. Spirit moves forward, pushing you towards what you are meant to experience in this lifetime.
  6. Seek freedom. Spirit is here to create and thrives doing so in a way that encourages free expression. Find the place you feel freest and step into your creative power. 

Creation is a Team Effort 

When it comes to manifesting or creating your life, the idea is to be, do and have. Be your soul (embody what it is you want to create), do your spirit (pursue the goal and actively achieve what it is you desire) and create the outcome. By working with, and deeply knowing and understanding your soul and spirit, you have a team on your side creating your intended desire.


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