by Christina Cannes

Watch the video below to unblock and open your third eye!

WARNING! I am raw, honest and vulnerable in this video. I show you exactly how to unblock an energy centre using my own personal experiences. I recorded this video at home in my office to give you the best glimpse of what to expect in a session.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not exactly what happens in a clearing session. You will be guided by me to FULLY unblock your stuck energy, trapped emotions and re-write limiting beliefs. I’m on auto-pilot here because I’ve been doing this for so long and I KNOW how to unblock without going through all the steps.

I hope you enjoy this mini session and it opens up your third eye! xo Christina

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UPLEVEL ACCELERATOR™ : is a nine-week program for entrepreneurs, creators and leaders that aligns body, mind and spirit; clears stuck energy, emotions and trauma; and supercharges your physical body with nutrients for optimal performance and creation.

This program includes a creation map – which is what you want to create in eight areas of your life – as well as personalized nutrition and clearing of eight energy centres. This is a full system reboot – you will not be the same person after this program.


The Balanced + Aligned 6-Week Program: is for men and women who have struggled with their mental health, weight, hormone imbalances or other health problems and have sought assistance from “traditional” practitioners with little or no change. I combine scientifically proven nutrition to balance hormones with targeted energy and emotional clearing.


The Personalized Transformation 3-Week Program is for anyone who is new to my work and wants to start living life as their fearless, free, expanded, amazing true self NOW! It combines grounded nutrition with energetic and emotional clearing.