Three Ways Trauma Affects Your Business

by Christina

Why you can’t strategize your way out of what’s hiding in your subconscious

Business consultants and coaches are a dime a dozen. There are so many strategies, theories, processes and templates that you can apply to become successful. 

But here’s what I’ve learned after 20+ years in business—your trauma plays the leading role in how successful you are and especially how successful you feel. There is no template that you can apply to your trauma other than properly addressing it in a way that works best for you. 

There are three main ways that I see trauma playing out with business owners, entrepreneurs and creatives: 

#1 Sabotaging Start-Up

“I’m going to start a business!” Inspiration strikes. Some planning takes place, and things are put in motion, but that business never materializes for various reasons and excuses. Often, there is a feeling of hopelessness. 

This is almost always linked to childhood and a lack of support, love or a feeling of danger if you stand out from the crowd and display your authenticity and ability. Often, you’re scared to leave your current job or work for yourself. 

#2 Scared to Scale

“I own a business, but I’m doing everything myself and I’m scared to hire, delegate and ultimately scale.” Business owners don’t usually admit this or consciously know this, but in my experience, letting go and allowing employees or consultants to support you can be scary and keep you stuck due to a lack of trust (which stems from childhood or beyond). 

Often this plays out with the business owner “control freaking” business systems and trying to do it all instead of passing it over to seasoned professionals and experts. You need to get out of your own way. A prime example is when a startup founder is replaced by a better-suited CEO, e.g. Steve Jobs. 

#3 Success at all Costs

“It’s never enough.” No matter how much money, fame, success or people you meet, it’s never enough. There is a constant drive and/or addiction to success and achievement. This person always believes there is more, something better and often, this shows up as an inability to turn off. 

Personal relationships with friends, romantic partners and children suffer. Relationships can often be nothing more than transactions. Lurking here is a “lack trauma” running the program and this person always feels “alone” and is seeking the love and admiration they did not receive as a child. 

Alas, do not feel bad! You aren’t broken or lazy, nor are you not motivated or beyond repair. You just have trauma online trying to keep you safe. Trauma can be healed, integrated, and processed to create a better balance in your life and business. 

What is trauma? 

At its core, trauma is any experience—no matter how big or small—that causes dysregulation of your nervous system and disconnects you from your true “self.”

Trauma is not necessarily the event but how you experienced it. 

Traumas program you to use protective processes to keep you safe known as coping mechanisms. These can also be addictions such as alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling, sex or any other way you use to distract or soothe pain.

These coping processes, which are stored in your body and nervous system, do keep you safe, but they can also prevent you from experiencing and achieving what you desire in life and business. 

Trauma can manifest as a constant state of fight-flight-freeze, anxiety, flashbacks, depression or looping (the same patterns presenting in your life over and over again). Or, as stated above, prevent you from starting, scaling or feeling successful in business. 

Trauma can be reprogrammed by accessing the root cause event that created the limiting beliefs and emotions that are stored in your nervous system and accessed through the subconscious mind.

Everyone has trauma and the levels and severity differ for each person. 

Heal Your Trauma, Start and Scale Your Business

I’m more motivated to do something if I have an incentive. Healing to ease suffering is great, but healing to build profitable businesses and create more ease, balance and abundance in my life is the ultimate prize. 

To do this, I tried all the “things” to shift this energy that made me feel so trapped, and after years of being the guinea pig, I found out what worked and I’ve created it to help others. 

What is Belief Hacking™?

I created Belief Hacking™ after years of research and training to heal trauma and remove trapped energy, stuck emotions and limiting beliefs from the body and subconscious mind.

Why did I create it? Because I needed it!

After I lost my business, my marriage and my home in one year, I realized that I was unconsciously creating my abusive childhood through my relationships, career, friendships and even the way I was parenting my children.

I tried all things “healing” and “personal development” for many years and nothing worked until I learned how to access the root cause issue in my subconscious and clear the experiences, emotions and beliefs I took on as a child—or beyond.

Belief Hacking™ accesses the root cause of any issue or imbalance using the body’s information system (the subconscious) to pinpoint the first age in this lifetime a traumatic or negative imprinting experience occurred.

Sometimes, the root cause can also link back to other lifetimes, but usually, the issue is related to something that occurred between the ages of 0-and 7.

Once cleared from the physical and energetic bodies, the looping, sabotage patterns and feelings of stuckness subside and you can freely move through the former blockage into a new level of creativity!

What are the Results? 

⇒ The blocks that were preventing you from achieving your goals are suddenly gone.

⇒ You feel freer and lighter and can accomplish what you desire with ease.

⇒ You are not looping in an endless cycle of sabotage and stuck-ness.

⇒ The emotional triggers activating your nervous system become a vague memory.

⇒ You feel more connected to yourself and know what you want to create.

⇒ There is a calm sense of peace knowing that you can create the life you truly want, and nothing can stop you.

⇒ It’s a feeling of total empowerment.

⇒ I am the creator of my life.

⇒ I can do anything I want.

⇒ I am limitless.

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