by Christina Cannes


The ultimate inner journey with radical results

The UPLEVEL ACCELERATOR™ is a nine-week program that aligns body, mind and spirit; clears stuck energy, emotions and trauma; and supercharges your physical body with nutrients for optimal performance and creation.

Using a revolutionary new approach to nutrition in combination with energetic clearing, the UPLEVEL ACCELERATOR™ removes blockages from the energetic body which directly affect the physical body (specifically hormones and stress responses).

The result is a RE-BOOTED, RE-PROGRAMMED and UPGRADED nervous system in conjunction with a rejuvenated and resilient physical body.

With a revitalised physical body, greater capacity and less blockages in your nervous system, you’ll have more energy, stamina and space to manifest the life you know you deserve.

No more pushing, no more force, no more burn-out and feeling too busy to make changes to your life and your health. This program ticks all the boxes in one, nine-week block.

This program is for anyone who is:

  • Struggling with health and weight issues and/or hormonal imbalances (PCOS)
  • Can’t lose weight or has lost weight but inexplicably gains it back
  • Feels stuck and unable to manifest the next phase in life
  • Has experienced trauma and does not feel at home in their body
  • For those big game players (such as entrepreneurs) who need to perform at their best

The UPLEVEL ACCELERATOR™ is a total life transformation.

Shedding layers of physical and energetic weight and trapped emotions, this program not only raises your level of consciousness, but gives you freedom from limiting beliefs and anything holding you back.

By combining a personalised nutrition plan with clearing of the eight main energetic centres, this program blasts you from your current level to your next greatest potential.

Through the UPLEVEL ACCELERATOR, you will:

  • Shed layers of heavy emotions such as guilt, shame, fear, grief and anger
  • Drop stuck energy, trauma and experiences from the past and step into a vibrant, new, creative present and future
  • Feel alive and revitalised as though you have woken up from a strange dream to find out that you really are as powerful as you knew you were
  • Unblock and increase feelings of self-worth, self-esteem and self-love
  • Receive downloads and messages from higher realms of consciousness
  • Radiate love, positivity and no longer hold yourself back from being fully seen
  • Drop into a whole new understanding of who you are (soul) and what you came to Earth to create
  • Alleviate stress and fight-or-flight (that so much of us live in constantly) which often leads to burn-out
  • Detox and supercharge your immune system and overall physical health
  • Replace reacting to emotional triggers with observing and responding to the outside world
  • Feel empowered, in control and excited to create a new level of thriving
  • Learn how to nourish your body with healthy, hormone-balancing foods that fuel you for optimal performance
  • Manifest from a whole new level of confidence and understanding of what you truly want to create
  • Become the master of your reality
  • Increase wealth, money flow and abundance
  • Discover or deepen your understanding of you true purpose and how to customise your life to meet that
  • Better understand your core values and how to align those values to every facet of your life

“This program is a unique combination of my knowledge of nutrition, Jungian psychology, holographic kinetics, kinesiology, hypnosis and neuroplasticity and my desire to help people transition to a more optimised dimension of life.”

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How does the UPLEVEL ACCELERATOR™ work?

The program runs for nine weeks and includes:

  • Assessment of your current food and nutrient intake
  • Full medical history and health status (blood panel recommended) to customise nutrient requirements
  • Personalised and individualised food plan based on your needs for optimal physical, mental and energetic performance
  • Weekly consultations via Zoom to implement the food plan, provide nutrition support, clear stuck emotions, trauma and energy from the eight energy centres of the body (1.5 hours each session)
  • Homework such as mediations and journaling to assist with your transformation
  • Ongoing support to ensure you successfully complete the program
  • Health assessment review + renewed blood panels to track progress at conclusion of program
  • Check in after 30 days of program completion to track changes

How are the 8 energy centres cleared?

The eight energy centres are located at various locations throughout the body. If these centres are blocked, it is difficult for energy to run up and down and through the body leading to stuckness, frustration, blocks and sabotage manifesting on the physical plane and in your reality.

In order to create your unique life in ease and flow, these energy centres must be cleared and work in conjunction with your intent and physical body to create a life that is uniquely yours.

Trapped energy, emotions and trauma are cleared from these centres by using a technique I call BELIEF HACKING™. Belief hacking accesses the root cause of any imbalance using the body’s information system (subconscious mind) to pinpoint the first age in this lifetime a traumatic or negative imprinting experience occurred.

Sometimes the root cause can also link back to other lifetimes, but usually the blockage is related to something that occurred between the ages of 0-7. Once cleared from the physical and energetic bodies, you have the freedom to create without limitation. Inspiration and performance flows.

The 8 Energy Centres & Their Physical Partners

The eight energy centres are located in the body and work in conjunction with physical glands and hormones. Over the course of the 9-week program, we will clear the following centres along with the associated glands and hormones to create balance within the nervous and endocrine systems.

Energy Centre # 1 (root)
Location: Below the genitals
Glands: Testes & testosterone (men); Ovaries & estrogen (women)

Energy Centre #2 (sacral)
Location: Below the naval
Glands: Pancreas (insulin & glucose)

Energy Centre #3 (solar plexus)
Theme: POWER
Location: Above the naval
Glands: Adrenals (cortisol, aldosterone), Liver (bile)

Energy Centre #4 (heart)
Location: Centre of chest
Gland: Thymus (T-cells, immune system)

Energy Centre #5 (throat)
Location: Throat
Gland: Thyroid (thyroxine and triiodothyronine)

Energy Centre #6 (third eye)
Location: Between the eyebrows
Gland: Pineal (sleep; melatonin)

Energy Centre #7 (crown)
Location: Top of the head
Gland: Pituitary (master of all hormones)

Energy Centre #8 (ka)
Location: Above the head
Crown of head – opening the channels

Over 80% of disease is caused by poor nutrition and lifestyle choices.

By making better choices – both externally and internally – you are creating a new, healthier destiny for yourself. You become the creator of your bold, new life. 

By changing our beliefs we change the expression of our genes thus altering our DNA.

By combining optimal nutrition and working to clear and re-program the subconscious through our eight energy centres, we are transforming our body’s genetic make-up.

Optimal Nutrition Just for You

Based on your medical history, lifestyle and preferences, a personalised nutrition plan will be developed alongside the program to help you achieve optimal nutritional health.

  • Delicious, nutrient-dense foods designed to balance blood sugars and speed up metabolism
  • Customised meal plan targeted for your body that changes each week based on your food preferences
  • Food used to compliment energy clears by grounding, detoxifying and re-charging the physical body
  • Hormone-balancing nutrients in combination with food lifestyle changes help your body naturally achieve homeostasis
  • Subconscious re-programming to create a healthy, nurturing lifestyle and break the habit of living out of alignment with your natural rhythm and what you want to create in life

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
-Carl Jung

Shining a Light on Your Shadow

The core function of this program is to uncover aspects of your shadow. While this might sound scary, it is the most beautiful and rewarding gift you can give yourself.

So much of what makes us truly unique and special hides in the shadows. We are programmed to think, behave and believe what society wants us to without allowing ourselves to fully shine through.

By going deep into our shadow, we discover aspects of ourselves that help us create a life that resonates from our core and allows us to fully step into who we really are.

“The shadow is composed for the most part of repressed desires and uncivilized impulses, morally inferior motives, childish fantasies and resentments – all those things about oneself one is not proud of. These unacknowledged personal characteristics are often experienced in others through the mechanism of projection.”

– Frith Luton

The shadow is a dark place where we hide the things about ourselves we are most ashamed of or feel guilty about. It is also where we hide the things about ourselves that make us so special and unique. Here in the darkness, we find the gold and diamonds buried beneath the coal. In order to reclaim our true selves and let go of all the shame and guilt that holds us back, we must bravely venture into the shadow to discover its secrets.

To learn more about your shadow, follow your hidden desires, pay attention to what you love as much as what you hate. And whoever disgusts you, makes you feel jealous and spiteful and full or rage – that is the key to understanding your shadow. Your projections will lead the way.

This optimised nutrition plan PLUS clearing of the eight energy centres combined with personalised coaching is valued at over $10,000

But to keep this program accessible, your investment is $2,500 (payment plans available)

Let’s Get Started on Your Journey Today!

“To be empowered—to be free, to be unlimited, to be creative, to be genius, to be divine—that is who you are…. Once you feel this way, memorize this feeling; remember this feeling. This is who you REALLY are….”

― Joe Dispenza

You’re ready for the UPLEVEL ACCELERATORprogram if you:

  • Know that what you eat is impacting your health and you want to UPLEVEL your nutrients and ENERGY levels
  • Want a CUSTOMISED food plan created just for you so you can THRIVE
  • Don’t have time to visit separate specialists and want a one-stop-shop, optimised package that will BLAST you into your next level of potential.
  • Get EXCITED about clearing stuck emotions, trauma and energy from the eight energy centres of the body
  • Can’t wait to see your physical health and life drastically TRANSFORM
  • See the RESULTS after nine-weeks knowing that these will stick
  • Feel ENERGISED, OPTIMISED and ready to create a new life around the new you

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