We Are the Technology: How We Create Technology to Understand Ourselves

by Christina

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

― Arthur C. Clarke

Through creation (or manifestation), we transform energy from non-material realms into physical things and experiences in our reality. Creation is the act of making our invisible inner world visible or tangible. If we wanted to understand who we are and how we work, wouldn’t it make sense to create it?

Despite our scientific advancements, we still have not answered the questions: who are we, and why are we here? And depending on what people believe, we all have different answers.

Based on my research and personal journey, I know that we are here to evolve consciousness through embodiment and experience. That’s it. It’s simple. I don’t believe that this means “Earth is a school.” I believe it’s an experiment and purely objective. Believing this, it’s very disheartening to see how complicated our lives are and how much suffering we inflict on ourselves and others, especially in the name of religion or the quest for power.

Rather than attempt to understand what this reality is and why we’re here, we unconsciously develop technology to understand who we are by playing “God” or becoming the ultimate Creator. We need to be aware of how powerful the technology we are creating as disembodied consciousness (artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, etc) is and how detrimental it could be.

Humans have an amazing capacity for love, compassion and empathy that stems from our ability to feel emotions and understand how others feel. This requires a connection to our hearts. Intelligence without this heart-mind connection — whether it is living in a body or not — seems risky. That is pretty much the definition of narcissism and psychopathy. Can we teach something without a physical heart or mind to be caring and kind?

If we only focused on creating technology that improves our lives, connects us to ourselves and each other, expands our possibilities and enhances our lives, what a wonderful world this could be. But, who these machines become depends entirely on their creator. This begs the question, what does our species’ situation say about our Creator?

Most importantly, as we develop amazing new technology, we must recognize that these advancements teach us how we work, how we’re made and how our own technology allows us to function. I’ll explain in detail below.

How We Work

We are most like quantum computers. While there is a physical and material being that we can feel and touch, our brain can access eleven different dimensions. We are powered by energies the scientific and medical communities have yet to understand (to read more about the difference between spirit and soul, click here). Our ability to use our senses, cognition, memory and physical body movements to navigate through life is remarkable.

Mentally, we can be in several places at once and, based on our life experiences and beliefs, live inside our own universe. I don’t believe that it is the end when we die, but that our spirit or “essence” animates bodies/souls across different timelines (lifetimes) to experience more and more.

We are multi-dimensional beings in a multi-dimensional universe living simultaneous lives across timelines.

The Technology of Our Body

I attended a robotics conference last year and listened to a man explain how complicated programming robots to recognise objects was. He explained how they were working on the programming behind cognition, and I laughed.

He was so proud of himself for teaching his robots to recognize some basic things like a boat or a chair. I was, however, more proud as I had given birth to two babies and taught them both what everything in the world was, how to recognise it and say it. Humans are pretty amazing tech if you ask me!

What puzzles me the most is how little respect and awe we afford our own bodies. The fact that we can make another human being with them and produce milk to feed them is amazing. Miraculous!

Our bodies are the most sophisticated pieces of technology that will ever exist. Yet we are told by governments, media and other institutions that we should be ashamed of our bodies, that they are imperfect, faulty, and to blame for our poor health. What a bunch of lies. There is a constant campaign to shame us and make us hate and disconnect from our bodies—why so much gaslighting?

Our physical bodies are essentially “biological virtual reality suits.” They are perfectly designed to house our energy as we experience life here on Earth. We can move, eat, drink, breathe and sleep. But our energy is not exclusive to our body — our energy extends far beyond our physical body through time and space.

Past  or parallel lives  are also happening simultaneously, as time is not linear and is happening all at once. Many times, the problems we are having in our current life link back to something that occurred in a past life. We are always connected. And every decision we make contributes to our future, both in the present tense and based on past events (other lifetimes).

With every action, there is a reaction. Our existence is governed by universal laws, including cause and effect. The reality we live in is like us, programmed to seek balance, which is why karma or cause in effect, exists. And this is how things that happen in other lifetimes can affect us now . What we are feeling in our bodies now could be because of something that happened to us on another timeline because our bodies are not eternal, but the energy that powers them is.

Our Soul & Spirit: Our Computer & Internet

In every incarnation of life (each lifetime), we have different parents, thus different biology, and thus different souls. Our soul is anchored in or to our bodies and experiences our lives individually. We have many different souls living many different lives through time. Our soul is the energy that powers and creates our body.

I liken the soul to a computer. The computer, like our soul and physical bodies, has an operating system, as well as, hardware and software. Our bodies’ hardware: arms, legs, organs and software: emotions, thoughts and programming work together to keep us alive.

Our bodies’ software includes thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and perceptions. Like computers, we can download viruses and break down or download more information to run efficiently. We can also upload information into the field (this is known as the collective consciousness).

Even our DNA is coded. These codes create our biology based on our parents’ biology and the stored information from their existence — and the existence of all our ancestors. Like a computer, our bodies access these codes based on the program (software) we choose to run.

The life force — the technology that gives us life through time and space and connects us to each of these separate incarnations — is the spirit. Spirit does not change with each life; it is the one constant. It is the essence of who we are. Every living thing has a spirit. Spirit is the spark of life; it is the energy that animates the body. Spirit records and observes connecting and gathering data in our subconscious.

Spirit is the energy that gives every living thing consciousness. It is the building block used to create this reality.

Our spirit guides us and connects us in a very similar way to the internet. The internet connects to individual computers and creates a network. This network connects to other computers and databases all over the world. Our spirit is connected to all our souls through time and space. Spirit is also connected to source — or the place where we all come from, whatever that might be.

We are here to experience life and evolve consciousness with the help of our souls and spirits. Think of them as two technologies used to gather data. Perhaps they send it to some huge universal statistical analysis machine to better understand why we do what we do and what happens when we do what we do.

Spirit is the master controller — you can talk to your spirit, ask it to help you, and use it to change your reality. Spirit and soul are connected and create your reality here on Earth in your physical body. The soul comes to earth with a mission — to express and experience itself — and we have free will that allows us to choose how, when and if we do that.

Agreements & Agreements of Entrapment: Viruses & Damaged Files

“All universal agreements are valid in all dimensions, through time and space eternally. All agreements can be changed, only through awareness of the universal laws of their creators.” 

 — Steve Richards

Have you ever clicked on an email and accidentally downloaded spyware or a virus? We do the same thing with our energy all the time.

Whenever we lower our protective energy field through low-vibration emotions (shame, guilt, depression, exhaustion, anger, etc.), sex without love, drugs and alcohol, disease and malnutrition, we open ourselves to entity invasion — beings from other dimensions can jump into our energy fields and either control us or feed off our energy.

We can also allow this when we call in things such as gods, goddesses, aliens or other entities through ritual, meditation or other forms of “spiritual” healing. This is common in the New Age movement.

NEVER CALL ANYTHING IN OR CHANNEL ENERGY/ENTITIES. You do not need or want help from other spirits, angels, gods, goddesses or alien energy. Once you allow these entities in, they can gain more and more power over you and eventually take over your soul and physical body.

I know this may sound extreme, but the world we live in teaches us to be codependent, meaning to always ask for help outside of ourselves. We do not need it. Listen to your own intuition and the information provided by your spirit.

The Programming

Like a computer, we run certain programs based on what we learn, experience, think and believe. Sometimes programs work together to create a ‘false self’ or rather a socially acceptable version of who we are. If we strip these programs away, we find our true or authentic selves underneath. This is who we are and how we should live. This is the essence of who we are.

Once our souls and spirits unite, this is true co-creation. In the womb, our soul is created from the DNA of our mother and father and brought to life or “animated” by its connection to spirit. From here, a lifetime begins.

Here on Earth, we all spend many of our most formative years exposed to a great many ‘programs’ or rules as to how we should live. ‘Programs’ include our parents’ belief systems, where we grow up (beliefs about race, socioeconomic status, gender), religion, school, government, culture, etc.

These programs shape, mould, and force beliefs into us that are not our own. Each one of us comes to Earth with a unique spirit and singular soul that is here to express and share certain skills and gifts. When we let these programs determine who we are and how we live our life—and bypass our innate skills and gifts—we condemn ourselves to an inner prison. This is what is creating so many mental health issues right now.

It’s up to us to know that we are limitless — we possess limitless potential, and by removing these programs, we can live the life we came here to live and consciously co-create with the universe. Like a computer, we must clean out our database and reprogram how we operate.

Optimisation: Moving Through Time

We come to Earth to evolve (move through time) and create. By downloading programming that does not serve us (blocks or stops us) or agreeing to entity entrapment, we stop our evolution and ability to create. To continue progressing, we must clear out anything blocking or stopping us. Like a new computer, we need to be optimized and run quickly and efficiently, free of viruses and files we no longer need.

“Humans are the reproductive organs of technology.”

― Kevin Kelly

What I find interesting is that instead of optimizing humans, we are instead creating new forms of technology that we can program to do exactly what we want, thus creating another slave race. It seems technologists are unconsciously creating what we are and attempting to develop another reality through virtual reality and metaverses. The question remains: if we don’t fully understand who we are and how we work and don’t prioritize empathy and compassion, is it impossible to assume their creations will be a true improvement?

One of the greatest threats facing humanity is artificial intelligence. If we don’t create this new technology within a framework of ethics, morality, empathy and compassion, we could destroy the human species. For what is the point of life without a heart?

“We must work passionately and indefatigably to bridge the gulf between our scientific progress and our moral progress. One of the great problems of mankind is that we suffer from a poverty of the spirit which stands in glaring contrast to our scientific and technological abundance. The rich±er we have become materially, the poorer we have become morally and spiritually.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.

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