FREE Workshop: Stepping into your Individuality and Accessing your Intuition

by Christina

For this workshop we will be using the energy of the full moon in Aquarius. But you can use this workshop to deepen your connection to your individuality and intuition at any time. 

Full moons are a time to purge and release. This is your ideal opportunity each month to take inventory of your life and pinpoint what is no longer contributing to the future you are creating. Use this energy to let go of all emotions, beliefs, people, habits, patterns and things that are not in alignment with your new future. 

The full moon on 23/24 July 2021 (depending where you are in the world) is in the air sign of Aquarius. The energy of Aquarius is the individual

Aquarius energy is revolutionary, innovative, visionary, scientific and a true change-maker. Aquarius energy also represents the collective. It is the sign of the group. And it is a truly future-focused energy that creates for the good of all. Aquarius is the sign of freedom

The shadow energy of this sign is control, detachment, aloofness, lack of emotion and frigidity. The Aquarian shadow possesses no sensitivity to human connectivity or emotion. It is almost a loss of soul, lost in technological advances and strange ideas, fanatic, detached, selfish and cold. Think of Big Tech for examples of the shadow side of Aquarian energy. 

To use the energy of the full moon, feel into what in your life feels stagnant in relation to your uniqueness and individuality. 

Journaling prompts:

  1. What does my future self look, feel and act like? Describe your ideal future self. List the emotions you feel when you feel into this self. 
  1. How can I be more free-spirited, spontaneous and future-oriented in my daily life? List all the ways.

  2. How can I embody freedom and embrace my inner nonconformist? List all the ways. 
  1. In what areas in my life do I need to rebel and tear down old models, toss out old concepts and live in alignment with my future? List all the areas. 
  1. Where in my life can I take the road less traveled? 
  1. Where in my life can I use my past experience to create future opportunities?

  2. Like everything, freedom requires work and discipline – discipline achieves freedom. Where in my life can I apply more discipline to achieve my goals? 
  1. Do I feel safe expressing unconventional and rebellious ideas? If no, then why? 

After you’ve written and reviewed your list, take inspired action until the next full moon. Do what you need to do to birth this future self and future reality into being. 

Chakra Clearing 

For this clearing we will work with the 8th chakra also known as the “star chakra.” The star is also the tarot card of the water bearer which is the archetype of Aquarius. This chakra connects to our highest self and is the direct connection to spirit. It is located above the crown of the head. 

The mantra is “anything is possible.” Themes are transcendence, connection to spirit, spiritual realm, spirit guides, ancestors. 

We are going to clear anything blocking our intuition.

Our intuition is the key to our uniqueness. Our intuition is the quiet voice inside us asking us to shine. Our intuition is what we are programmed by society to ignore, but is the only voice we should ever listen to. Our intuition is our guide and the key to living our free, rebellious, future-oriented life. 

After this clearing, please make a point to listen to your intuition without question or doubt for at least seven days. 

If any blocks or trauma came up that you need help processing—or you’d like to journey further into your subconscious—book in for a Belief Hacking™ session. Belief Hacking™ rewrites limiting beliefs, clears trauma, stuck energy and trapped emotions so you can create the life you desire.

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