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Become Limitless™: Healing & Empowerment After Domestic Violence and Abuse eBook + Workbook



This eBook and accompanying workbook focuses on ways to rebuild your life and thrive after leaving an abusive relationship or experiencing abuse as a child.

Your new life starts NOW! You’ll learn how to go from victim to creator based on personal experience, spirituality, science and psychology.



This eBook and accompanying workbook is for women and men who have recently left an abusive relationship – or who experienced abuse as a child – and are looking for tools to help them thrive and become empowered creators.

This ebook will empower you to leave the victim mentality behind and:

  • Develop a plan for leaving an abusive relationship
  • Identify seven steps towards healing after abuse or domestic violence
  • Discover how experiences from childhood are affecting you now
  • Identify and break toxic relationship patterns 
  • Clear emotional trigger responses and overwhelm
  • Understand how your limiting beliefs are sabotaging your reality
  • Heal co-dependency and trauma bonding
  • Identify trauma and learn how to process and heal it
  • Live a life that is uniquely yours
  • Increase self-esteem and self-worth

In the workbook you will journal, reflect and come up with ways to:

  • Heal your codependency
  • Identify how and why you are still allowing toxic people in your life
  • Understand your story and begin to write a new chapter
  • Identify and understand how the abuse made you feel
  • Breakdown how gaslighting was used to manipulate you
  • Learn how to trust again and put yourself first
  • Learn how to set boundaries and say NO
  • Practice self-care and invest in yourself
  • Understand your trauma, emotions and limiting beliefs
  • Create a new life for yourself 

The most confusing thing about domestic violence and abuse is the fact that we find ourselves loving people who hurt us. Oftentimes, we can’t even see how destructive our relationships are until it’s too late.

The physical, emotional and spiritual implications of domestic violence and abuse are rarely understood by someone unless they have experienced it. Police, courts and support workers can help you in the early stages when seeking safety and advice, but they do not understand the long-term emotional, physical and financial impacts of domestic violence and how to completely heal from it.

Victims of domestic violence and abuse experience PTSD/CPTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder/complex post-traumatic stress disorder, similar to soldiers returning from war. But unlike soldiers, our battle can last for decades and leave us in a constant state of fight-or-flight, our health impacted by adrenal fatigue and burnout, and emotionally distressed while our children continue to visit the abusive former partner. Our battles never seem to end. 

Broadly speaking, abuse is all about power and control. As victims of abuse it is vital to not remain victims. Therefore, the more control and power you have over yourself, the less someone else has over you. Recovering from abuse is all about self-empowerment, self-love, valuing the self and learning how to calm emotions and heal CPTSD.

The secret to healing the trauma from abuse is to develop a strong and healthy relationship to self. 

About author: Christina grew up in the US in a chaotic, physically and emotionally abusive household. After escaping the abuse, recovering from an eating disorder and deciding life was more fun elsewhere, at 27 she sold everything she owned and moved to Australia. She spent a decade wandering the expansive, open spaces and deserts only to discover the relationships she created – even across the world – all mirrored her childhood.

Determined to break the cycle, she learned how to heal by releasing trapped emotions and trauma from her subconscious and re-program her traumatic, abusive childhood experiences which completely transformed her life. Knowing firsthand how difficult recovering from trauma and abuse can be, she is dedicated to sharing her tools and helping others heal and live fulfilling lives.


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