A Brave New World: April New Moon – May New Moon 2024

by Christina

This lunar month starts off with a solar eclipse in Aries.

Are you ready? This lunar month kicks off with the biggest astrology of the year. On the 8th of April, we have the first solar eclipse of 2024 at 19°23 Aries with a Chiron Cazimi at 19°24 Aries. It’s a wounded healer whammy.

On the first day of the lunar month, Venus, Chiron, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and the Node are all hot and bothered in Aries. Jupiter and Uranus are two degrees apart from their conjunction in Taurus, and Saturn and Mars are one degree apart from their conjunction in Pisces.

This energy feels like a powder keg. It’s either fireworks or an atomic bomb—or both, depending on your vantage point. We won’t know until it’s over.

Either way, buy the ticket, take the ride.

With the equinox in March—a few days before the lunar eclipse combined with Mercury retrograde on April 1st—this explosive energy wants to blast forward. However, there are a few hurdles until Mercury goes direct on April 25th.

The big question from this energy is: What is your core wound (Chiron)? And what do you need to do to heal and integrate it to leap forward (Aries)? Before we move forward, we have to go back.

The lunar eclipse in Libra was all about relationships. Now that we’ve reviewed how we relate, it’s time to take what we discovered, healed, transmuted or even discarded through the doorway. Passing through this Aries portal requires a lighter load to become who we really are.

This eclipse season wants you to understand how your self-worth and relationships contribute to your self-perception. Adjust accordingly.

Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction

With the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, expect innovation and breakthroughs to take center stage.

Historically, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction has been associated with significant discoveries, creative and philosophical awakenings, and the start of new movements and revolutions. Expect the tech industry to launch something new and disruptive.

The Full Moon & Mercury Retro

Once Mercury goes direct (April 25) after a no-holds-barred full moon in Scorpio (April 23), it’s full steam ahead towards the brave new world. With this full moon squaring Pluto in Aquarius which is squaring the Sun, mark this date on your calendar as another doozy. You may think you made it out of the woods after the eclipse, but this full moon isn’t playing. My advice—check where this full moon falls in your chart and go deep into whatever is coming up. 

By the time we reach the new moon in Taurus on May 7, the worst is behind us. May is a beautiful month. Celebrate making it through some of the most challenging astrology of the year. 

Remember, the future is bright, but not without its challenges. Be sure to stay calm during this very disruptive month—this too shall pass. With great change comes tremendous anxiety. Be sure to take care of yourself and give others plenty of breathing room. Once you sink into May, don’t be surprised if the energetic terrain feels like a whole new world. 

Key Dates April – May 2024

April 8 — Solar North Node Eclipse 19° Aries; Chiron Cazimi 19° Aries; Moon conjunct Mercury at 25° Aries
April 10 — Mars in Pisces Conjunct Saturn in Pisces
April 19 — Sun enters Taurus
April 20 — Jupiter in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus
April 21 — Sun in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius
April 23 — Full moon at 4° Scorpio
April 25 — Mercury goes direct in Aries

April 28 — Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces
April 29 — Venus enters Taurus
April 30 — Mars enters Aries
April 30 — Venus in Taurus Square Pluto in Aquarius
May 2 — Pluto Retrograde Begins in Aquarius
May 3 — Mars in Aries Sextile Pluto in Aquarius
May 7 — Taurus New Moon 18°

How does this affect your subconscious?

>> You will be shown what you need to let go of to continue on your evolutionary journey especially if you are working towards authenticity and individuality.

>> If you feel grief or sadness coming up, that could be a sign that an old part of you has been removed—process it. Ultimately, it’s a good thing.

>> Drastic changes can occur during eclipses. Be prepared. It feels calm, but it turns chaotic.

>> Aries can trigger intense anger and rage. Give yourself plenty of breathing room.

>> April is a bumpy month. Keep moving forward, stay focused on your goals, but don’t lose faith. You’ll get through it.

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How to Work With This Energy:

Where are the eclipses occurring in your chart?

What house and what planets are Aries?

What influence is the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction having on your chart?

How does the full moon in Scorpio affect your chart?

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