British Royal Family Karma: The Past Lives of Catherine, Princess of Wales, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

by Christina

Before we start, we need to correlate time periods. Looking at the current astrology, Pluto made its same trek from Capricorn into Aquarius during Henry VIII’s infamous reign, just like it is now.

That’s why, 490 years later, the deeper you look into the current British royal family, the more karma and repeats you find from this era.

Not only are they repeating past lives, but so are we all. Remember, history doesn’t repeat it rhymes and as Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts.”

Let’s dive in! You can listen here:

Henry VIII, King of England

Henry VIII, born on 28 June 1491, became king on 21 April 1509 after his father’s death at 17. Looking at his natal chart, you can see that on this day, the North Node, Pluto and Jupiter are conjunct in Sagittarius in his fourth house.

The Sun is transiting Taurus in the 9th at 0 degrees, and Neptune is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius in the 6th house. The Moon is conjunct Uranus in Capricorn in the 5th house. His natal Venus is at 0 degrees of Gemini conjunct his MC in the 10th house—yes, he is known for having several wives and beheading them (sometimes astrology is so literal). It was a big day for him and you can see it in his chart.

Now looking at the day Henry VIII became head of the newly formed Church of England on 3 November 1534, we see a very clear astrological nod to present day. Henry married Catherine of Aragon, the Spanish Princess, after his brother’s death. But he fell in love with Anne Boelyn, left the Catholic Church and created the Church of England to have his marriage annulled so he could remarry.

If we look at the day he became the head of the Church of England, we see Neptune in Aries at 0 degrees (this transit is fast approaching in 2025/2026); Pluto conjunct the South Node in Aquarius in the 6th house. With his Uranus opposite Uranus, this is a major mid-life transit that brings upheaval and change. Saturn is opposite Saturn, another mid-life transit. This new form of religion kicked off with Pluto newly in Aquarius, and Neptune ingressed into Aries—a similar set-up we have playing out shortly.

This indicates that not only are we living through similar energy to the 1500s, but we are also seeing the same players in the royal family. They have come back to balance the karma.

Catherine, Princes of Wales

I suspect Catherine, Princess of Wales, is the reincarnated Catherine of Aragon.

Catherine, aka “Kate Middleton”, was admitted to the London Clinic on Tuesday, January 16, 2024, for major abdominal surgery claimed to be a planned procedure. Scheduled dates were cancelled, but she won’t make an appearance until after Easter.

Looking at Kate’s chart on this day, Uranus is conjunct Chiron in the 10th house of career. It’s teeing up for its opposition shortly, a.k .a. the “midlife crisis” transit that can result in life suddenly changing course. Pluto continues to plough through her sixth house of service and health.

In evolutionary astrology, Uranus holds the memories of this life and past lives and the information of our future. Chiron holds our wounds. Uranus here is more of a sudden issue, not a planned procedure.

With Uranus hitting Chiron, this says past life trauma. As the reincarnated first wife of Henry VIII, she suffered a series of miscarriages and whose failure to produce a son became her ultimate downfall. The loss of her children, the annulment of her marriage, and her removal from court as queen would weigh heavy on Catherine’s soul.

Looking at Catherine of Aragon’s chart on the day her marriage to Henry VIII was annulled, you can see shadows and reflections of Kate.

Both have Capricorn suns with Pluto in Libra, Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius and Venus in Aquarius. When Catherine’s marriage was annulled, Pluto conjuncted her Venus in Aquarius at 4 degrees—Uranus and Saturn were also conjunct her MC in Cancer.

Watch what happens as Pluto inches closer to 4-6 degrees Aquarius (May/June 2026). One queen lost her crown; might another one gain one? With Uranus inching closer to the mid-life opposition transit in 2025, look forward to major disruptions in the royal family’s line of succession. While we may not see a Kate and William coronation in 2025, mark your calendars for the official ceremony in 2026.

A further look at Kate’s chart shows some major nodal activations during the year that Meghan and Harry married and conceived. Kate experienced a nodal return, which in evolutionary astrology means that the lessons from the past were being lived, experienced, and transmuted in the present. It’s almost like Harry and Meghan’s relationship activated Kate’s past life karma. It set up a karmic cascade; if Kate wants to fulfil her destiny as Queen, she has to make it through this old energy.

Another indicator is Kate’s chart on the 8th of January 2020, when Harry and Meghan announced they would be stepping back from royal roles. While the conflicts between Harry, Meghan, Will and Kate had been ongoing, we can clearly see on this date that Kate has transiting Pluto conjunct transiting Saturn in Capricorn conjunct her South Node.

With her natal Sun so close to her natal South Node and Pluto and Saturn here, this clearly says she is repeating the past. Like Anne Boelyn and Henry VIII, Kate is dealing with a couple who just refuses to follow the rules, bringing difficulties, stress and complications into her life. Oh, the family karma and drama!

Since she is clearly reliving this experience, it would have felt extra heavy and unsettling. My heart goes out to Kate. Past life trauma is never easy to work through, as your mental health issues often cannot be explained by modern health professionals.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle: Blasts from the Past

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, was born Henry Charles Albert David. Like Henry VIII, Harry is a champion of sport and the founder of the Invictus Games.

Like Harry at 12, Henry VIII’s mother died when he was 11. Like Henry VIII, Harry is over six feet tall, a redhead with a matching beard—he even married with a beard; how very unroyal!

Henry VIII, the second son, was also second in line to the throne—another “spare”—but his brother Authur, Prince of Wales, who was originally married to Catherine of Aragon, died at the age of 15 on the 2nd of April 1502, a few months after he married Catherine from “sweating sickness.” The current William, Prince of Wales, is named William Arthur Philip Louis.

Henry VIII married his sister-in-law after the death of his brother, as the marriage was apparently never consummated.

Henry VIII was king for 38 years, during which he was married six times, beheaded two wives and left the Catholic church to form the Church of England. Henry changed the royal family forever by removing the Crown from the Catholic church. Harry was 38 when his book, an attempt to dethrone the entire monarchy, was released. It also changed the way we see the British royal family forever.

Their Link to Windsor

Harry married Meghan Markle on the 19th of May 2018 in Windsor at St. George’s Chapel, on the same day Anne Boleyn was beheaded in 1536.

Windsor Castle was one of Henry VIII’s most important residences. The principal entrance archway bears his name.

Henry was frequently at Windsor and enjoyed hunting in the surrounding forests. His first wife, Catherine of Aragon, was confined to Windsor while her husband was involved in negotiations leading to their divorce.

St George’s Chapel was completed during Henry’s reign, and it was there that Henry chose to be buried with his favourite wife, Jane Seymour.

The Link to Sussex

As for Sussex, Prince Harry’s dukedom, the Boleyn family lived in Sussex, and Henry spent plenty of time there courting her at their home, Pashley Manor.

Like Meghan Anne Boleyn was schooled in France, she was considered “foreign” and “common” as her father made money in trade. Anne Boleyn had one brother and one sister like Meghan who has one brother and one sister.

Anne Boleyn was known for her style, social climbing and wit before she married Henry. Meghan, an actress before her marriage to Harry, was on a hit TV show and founded a fashion and lifestyle blog. Like Meghan, Anne had black hair and eyes and named her only daughter Elizabeth, who would later become Queen.

Meghan and Harry have Lilibet, a daughter named after Queen Elizabeth II’s childhood nickname.

And like Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boelyn, Catherine, Princess of Wales and the current Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, don’t seem to like each other. Enemies again!

Like Anne Boelyn, Meghan is blamed for her husband’s rash and irrational behavior and the main reason for leaving his royal family. Meanwhile, Catherine is praised for her perfect royal performance, holding her head high despite the unbearing weight. Heavy is the head who wears the crown.

If you didn’t believe in past lives, karma or reincarnation, I hope you do now!

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