How to Access Your Subconscious Mind

by Christina

Think of your subconscious mind as a massive database that stores everything that has ever happened to you.

The subconscious is amazing. It’s also an enigma. What is it exactly? Well, it’s a few different parts of your brain that work together.

Your subconscious (body-mind) stores your beliefs, experiences, memories, skills, traumas and everything that you have seen, done, felt or thought. It is also your guidance system. Your subconscious monitors the information coming from the senses (body) and categorises them as dangers, opportunities, pleasures, triggers, etc. It uses the senses to record information. It then retrieves that data based on a familiar sensation (and your belief system) and communicates that information to your conscious mind, where it is processed and interpreted into the present moment.

The communication between the subconscious and the conscious mind is bidirectional. Whenever you have an idea or inspiration, feel an emotion, or retrieve a memory or an image from the past, this is your subconscious mind communicating to your conscious mind.

Going Subconscious

When we meditate and slow down our breath, we let go of the conscious mind and drop into our subconscious. The subconscious takes over our slowed breathing and we stop having to even think of it. As our brains drop into beta, alpha, and then theta waves, we fall deeper and deeper into our subconscious. This is also what Joe Dispenza refers to as the ‘quantum field.’ Here, we can communicate with the universe.

Communicating with our subconscious mind is done through emotions (housed in the amygdala). Emotionally charged thoughts and experiences instantly retrieve information. These emotions can trigger a negative or positive response – but this all depends on the belief that is retrieved. So, as you know, negative emotions are usually stronger than positive ones. This is also how we ‘belief hack’ – we follow the emotion back to the event’s root cause that has trapped a limiting belief in your subconscious. Read more about that here.

For example, let’s say you just started dating someone. You go on a few great dates and then you don’t hear from the person for a few days. You get nervous; you want to know why. Suddenly, you are triggered emotionally and feel bad about the whole experience. Your date texts you the next day and apologises. They’ve been dealing with a sick parent. You still can’t shake the bad feeling even though there is a valid, logical reason. Why? Because this event triggered a memory from your subconscious when you felt rejected. The belief was, “I’m not good enough.”

Removing negative beliefs is vital to your ongoing health and performance. Since we create our reality from our subconscious beliefs, we need to ensure the beliefs we have stored in our subconscious are helpful and positive. To find out more about limiting beliefs, read this.

For example, if we have beliefs locked in that tell us “we will never be happy,” then that is the reality we will create – we will be unhappy our entire lifetime. If we have beliefs locked in that signal “we are loved and supported,” then that is what we will create – a life surrounded by people who love and support us.

How the Subconscious Manifests Our Reality

Your subconscious mind will also create based on desire. Desire has an extremely powerful charge and fuels your subconscious. Desire means, you will do anything to obtain the object of your desire. It also opens all available channels to the conscious mind for information on how to do that. This is why people say, “follow your passion” or “follow your purpose.” It allows us to tap into desire, which gets us excited about creating the outcome we want.

If you set your goal and it becomes the all-consuming obsession of your life, then you will be successful. When you set your subconscious mind on a task backed up by a strong, supporting emotion, then opportunities in life lead you to your goal. The famous “Follow your bliss and doors will open..,” tells this exact story.

Worry and fear can also trigger the subconscious into creating a less-than-desirable outcome. Both those emotions cause the fight-flight-freeze trauma response and hormone release that shuts down our logical minds and keeps us acting out of worse-case-scenario from our reptilian brain (cerebellum) and emotional centre in the limbic system (amygdala). We will likely create what we fear most if we stay focused on the trigger and lock into fight/flight/freeze.

If you want to manifest your desire, then the best way to achieve that is to entwine it with purpose, love, faith and physical reward (sex, for example). This is why visualisation during meditation is so important. If you can create your desired outcome in the ‘quantum field’, your subconscious gets implanted with what you want to create. If you envision this outcome often, then it will appear in the physical plane and become your reality.

Brainwaves and the Subconscious

As adults, we spend most of our time in conscious mind beta waves. We are busy processing information from the outer world, analyzing it, and storing it. When we become relaxed, our brainwaves drop into low-range beta. Reading a book is an example.

When we are in a state of focused attention, our brain waves drop into mid-range beta. When we are in fight-or-flight, our body produces stress hormones and launches into high-range beta. It’s total chaos.

We enter the alpha range during the first stages of meditation. By simply closing our eyes and focusing on our breath, we reduce the information coming into our brain by 80%. We analyse less and begin to feel relaxed.

If we continue focusing inwards during meditation, then our brainwaves slow down even further and enter into theta range. During theta, we can communicate with our subconscious. Here, we can re-program, remove limiting beliefs and actively visualise what we desire. This is why successful entrepreneurs meditate – it’s in our subconscious that we access the information we need to achieve. If we listen to our intuition and regularly visit our subconscious, then we have the answers. That is why the old saying “everything you need is found inside you” rings true. It really is.

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