The Skin-Loving Benefits of Oil Cleansing

by Christina

If you ask any dermatologist or beautician, over-washing and over-exfoliation are currently two of the leading causes of self-damage to our skin. Our skin has a protective layer called the epidermis. Too much UV exposure, use of hot water, chemicals or harsh cleansing products can overtax the epidermis’s natural neutralising capability, impair its ability to bind in moisture and weaken its effectiveness as a barrier. As a result, skin can dry out, become sensitive and prone to disease.

How the Epidermis Works

Keeping the epidermis healthy, neutralised and intact is the key to beautiful skin. The external layer of the epidermis – the stratum corneum or horny layer – is made up of dead cells embedded in epidermal lipids and is covered by the hydrolipid film which includes the acid mantle.

Epidermal lipids are responsible for binding in moisture and creating skin’s permeability barrier, helping to prevent bacteria and viruses from penetrating the skin’s surface. The hydrolipid film is an emulsion of water and lipids (fats) which covers the surface of the skin and acts as a further barrier against toxins. And the acid mantle is the water part of the hydrolipid film. It gives skin its mildly acidic pH – the perfect environment for skin-friendly microorganisms (known as skin flora) to thrive and harmful microorganisms to be destroyed.

To maintain a dewy glow, you need a regular skincare routine with products intended to keep your epidermis working to protect your skin and reinforce its natural defences – the best place to start is with an oil cleanser.

How Oil Cleansers Work

Over washing of the skin does not solve the problem of oily skin. You may believe that by scrubbing all of the oils from your face you are removing the issue – but this causes the skin to produce even more oils to compensate for the dryness you’ve now caused. This over washing can actually cause breakouts and dry patches.  

Oil cleansing is based on the principle that oil dissolves oil. At the end of the day, when you remove make-up from your skin, a water-based or cream cleanser removes most of the make-up but leaves the heavier mascara and foundation stuck on even after you rinse.

When cleansing with oils, the ‘good’ oils in the cleanser work to dissolve the other oils (in your make-up, old sebum, bacteria, etc) that build up on the skin’s surface and clog your pores. The oil cleanser binds to the grime, and then using a washcloth, they are all removed. The result is clean skin that is soft and moisturised not dry and squeaky.

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Using an Oil Cleanser ASAP:

  1. The most important benefit of oil cleansing is its ability to remove impurities without stripping the skin and causing over-drying. It removes all make-up – even the heavy stuff (unlike water-based and cream cleansers).
  2. Oil cleansers contain natural ingredients (no harsh chemicals) that match your skin’s natural oils and ph which leave your skin healthy, refreshed and glowing.
  3. Oil cleansing removes excess sebum, cleans out clogged pores and removes dead skin and pollutants.
  4. Cleansing with oil improves skin barrier function and calms redness and dry skin.
  5. It can also improve acne, clear breakouts and lower the over-production of oil.
  6. It’s the gentlest way to cleanse your skin.
  7. It’s not necessary to cleanse your skin each morning after a nightly oil cleanse. Instead, use a warm cloth to wipe your face. This will encourage your skin to self-regulate and stop producing so much oil.
  8. Cleansing oil goes a long way and only requires 3 – 4 pumps each night. In the long run, it’s more economical than using a water-based cleanser and require less toning and moisturising after each cleanse.
  9. Oil cleansing is suitable for all ages and all skin types including sensitive, dry, combination and problem skin.
  10. The plant-based oils are rich in antioxidants that help fight the free radicals that cause premature ageing.

How to Oil Cleanse:

  • Squirt 3-4 pumps of oil into the palm of your hand
  • Smooth all over face even over the eye area
  • Remove with a warm washcloth

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